IR Strobe Light 20m/50m

Product OverviewScene's Digital LED Strobe Light is high power and smart performance digital pulse strobe light for Intelligent Traffic System applications for LPR/ANPR. It's suitable for traffic crossing; urban road and high way for capture number plate and speed measurement. Complied with latest professional strobe control driver, it featured as rapidly relighting, long service life, accurate control of strobe time and brightness, evenly high instantaneous power output. Through precision adjustment control software to synchronize camera and obtain clearly pictures under any kinds of environment with less influence of human eye.Produce Feature•Accurately control flash time.•Accurately control instant/delay trigger time.•Instant light output in high brightness.•Support continuous high brightness flash output.•Instant relighting, assure sequence flashing rapidly.•Less influence of human's eye.•Set up and adjustment through RS485 port on PC,data will not be lose if power down.•Suit for multiple ambient light efficacy request through different setting.•Low heating, long life span, the brightness is several times more than common led strobe light.  LED Strobe Light Performance ---- IR (850nm) ---- B/W pictureSpecificationModelSZN3101-IRSZN3102-IRMain ProcessorHigh performance MCUUser InterfaceRS485 via PCLED48pcs high power infrared LED20pcs high power infrared LEDBeam angle/distance15°(standard): 15-50m30°, 45° (optional)15°(standard): 5-20m30°, 45° (optional)D/N SwitchAuto control by light sensorFlashInput signal flash trigger for snapshotStrobeInput continuous strobe signal for video recordMode D: Continuous strobe under 100Hz frequency, duty cycle adjustable; (Compatible with Dahua ITS camera.)Mode H: Sync. by multiple frequency pulse signal from camera, duty cycle cannot over 50%. (Compatible with Hikvision ITS camera.)Parameter SettingSupport internal setting of flash and strobePower SupplyAC110V/ AC165~220V/DC12VPower ConsumptionAverage≤40W, Peak:100WAverage≤30W,Peak:50WFlash Duration Time1ms~5msTrigger Delay0ms~5msStrobe Brightness Level1~5Trigger MethodElectrical level, switching value, RS485 orderProtection levelIP66Working temperature-40~+50℃Storage temperature-40~+85℃N.W3.75kg2.5kgDimension261*261*90mm261*202*90mmI/O definition‍a.Control:Base pinColor of outgoing wireSignalRemark1YellowRS485+Not isolated2GreenRS485-b. Flash Trigger:Base pinColor of outgoing wireSignalRemark1RedTrigger+ 2BlackTrigger- c. Video Strobe:Base pinColor of outgoing wireSignalRemark1OrangeTrigger+ 2WhiteTrigger- 


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