Honeywell TC-RPCXX1

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Features and Benefits:

ONE YEAR WARRANTY for all products


3-5 working days shipping

High efficiency application

Good quality with long life span







Edwards D37232000     

1SBP260100R1001 XI16E1      

AX645 3BHB001914R0001     

Bently Nevada 3500/45

Bently Nevada 3500/25  
















PR6423/010-140               Axial vibration eddy current sensor

PR6423/010-010/CON021TSI    Front device and eddy current sensor

PR6424/010-010/CON021        sensor


10001/R/1           Vertical Bus Driver

10005/1/1           Watchdog Module

10006/2/1           Diagnostic and battery module (DBM)

10018/E/1           FSC PlantScapeconnectionModule 

10018/E/E           FSC PlantScape connection Module

10020/1/2           CPU Module

10024/H/F           Enhanced COMModule,CentralPart/RS232

10024/I/F            Enhanced COM Module,RS485/RS232

10024/I/I            3400307Enhanced communicationmodule(ECM)

10100/2/1           Horizontal Bus Driver

10101/2/1           DI Module

10105/2/1           AI  Module

10201/2/1           DO Module

10205/2/1           Fail-safe analog output module

10208/2/1           3400118 Relay output module 

10300/1/1           Converter 24V to 5V

10302/2/1           Watchdog Repeater

10303/1/1           Power supply distributionmodule(PSD)

10313/1/1           5 Vdc + Watchdog distributionmodule

30754661-011        Fuse, Subminiature, .25 Amp

30754661-014        Fuse, .5 Amp

30754661-021        Fuse, 2 Amp

30754661-022        Fuse, 3 Amp

51109612-100        Torque Wrench for Tap

51190582-125        Fuse, .25 Amp

51190582-210        Fuse, 1 Amp

51190584-150        Fuse, .5 Amp Slo-Blow

51190728-105        Tee Connector, LCN Coax

51190782-200        Terminator, UCN CarrierBandwo/chain

51191561-100        SPC Firmware Upgrade Kit

51192060-100        Battery, Ni Cad

51192337-101        Battery Pack NI-CAD

51192418-100        Connector, 75 Ohm

51195153-001        Drop Cable Set, 1M RG6

51195153-002        Drop Cable Set, 2M RG6

51195153-005        Drop Cable Set, 5M RG6

51195153-010        Drop Cable Set, 10M RG6

51195199-002        Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 2.5M

51195199-005        Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 5M

51195199-010         Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 10M

51195199-020         Cable Set, UCN Trunk RG-11, 20M

51195479-200         Cable Set, I/O Link, 3 Drop

51196094-100          FTA Mtg Channel, Narrow Rittal w/ShGrndBar

51196094-200          FTA Mtg Channel, Wide Rittal w/ShGrndBar

51196653-100           Pwr Supply, 5 Slot File, EC

51196654-100           Pwr Supply, 10 Slot File, EC

51196655-100           P/S DUAL NODE EC

51196694-200           Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, Desktop

51196694-300          Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, PS/2,Desktop

51196694-350           Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, ZConsole,GUS

51196694-901           Trackball, IKB

51196694-909           Function Key Panel, IKB forZConsole

51196929-135            Drive, 3.5in Zip

51197593-100           Lithium Battery (TC-BATT01)

51198947-100           Pwr Supply, PM

51201394-100           Tap Assy, 2-Drop

51201395-100           Tap Assy, 4-Drop (Qty 2 in Set)

51201420-003           Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,3M,non-CE

51201420-004           Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,4M,non-CE

51201420-005           Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,5M,non-CE

51201420-008           Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,8M,non-CE

51201420-010           Cabl1e, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,10M,non-EC

51201420-012            Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,12M,non-CE

51201420-015             Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,15M,non-CE

51201420-020           Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,20M,non-CE

51201557-150              I/O Link Module, Single, CC

51201557-350           I/O Link Module, Triple, CC

51201667-100         Cable, HPM Redundancy

51202306-915          Cable, I/O LIM Protection, 1.5M

51204146-003          ControlNet Trunk Cable (3M)

51204146-010          ControlNet Trunk Cable (10M)

51204160-175          FTA, D/I 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE

51204162-175          FTA, D/O 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE

51204166-175          HD FTA, D/O Relay, Comp Term, CC,CE

51204170-250          HD FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC

51204172-175             HD FTA, A/O w/Standby, Comp Term,CC,CE

51303932-476             FTA, Serial I/F, Modbus RS-232, CC

51303940-150          Fan Assy w/Alarm, 115V, CC

51303940-250           Fan Assy w/Alarm, 230V, CC

51303948-100           Battery Assy, 48V

51303979-550           APM I/O LINK DRIVER CC

51304084-175            FTA, Pulse input, Comp Term, CC

51304335-175          FTA, Redundant A/O, Comp Term, CC

51304337-250           FTA, Redundant HLAI/STI, ScrewTerm,CC

51304362-150          IOP, LLAI Mux, CC

51304362-350           IOP, Serial I/F, CC

51304386-150            IOP, Pulse Input, CC

51304419-150          IOP, Fiber Optic, CC

51304431-175          FTA, 240VAC D/I, Comp Term, CC

51304437-150       FTA, LLAI, Comp Term, CC

51304441-175              FTA, 24VDC D/I, Comp Term, CC

51304453-150             FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC

51304465-100            Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 30cm

51304465-200          Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 66cm

51304465-300            Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 100cm

51304465-500              Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 300cm

51304476-175           FTA, A/O, Comp Term, CC

51304481-150            IOP, LLAI, CC

51304485-150           IOP, DI, CC

51304487-150                   IOP, D/O, CC

51304493-250              APM MODEM CC, R400

51304516-250               IOP, STI/MV, CC

51304518-150             APM ADV CONTROLLER  CC

51304584-100              I/O Card, EPDGP

51304648-175              FTA, 120/240VAC SS D/O, Comp Term,CC,CE

51304650-150                FTA, 3/30VDC D/O, Comp Term, CC

51304685-150            APM ADV COMM CC 

51304754-150             IOP, HLAI, CC

51304903-100                I/O Card, WDI, non-EC

51304907-100            I/O Card, SPC II, non-EC

51304907-200              I/O Card, SPC II, EC

51305072-100             I/O Card, CLCN A/B, EC

51305072-200            I/O Card, CLCNA, EC

51305072-300                I/O Card, CLCNB, EC

51305072-500               I/O Card, CLCNA, non-EC

51305072-600             I/O Card, CLCNB, non-EC

51305334-100              COVER, MAU

51305348-100           MAU Assy

51305378-100            IKBI2 PWA

51305380-100            Cable, MAU, EC

51305557-100         Power Cord, 220VAC

51305776-100            OEP/IKB Module Assy

51305890-175           FTA, LLMUX TC, Solid State,CC,CE 

51305896-200              PWA, NIM Modem EC

51305907-175              Top Assembly LLMUX2, RTD, CE, CC

51308111-002            Cable Set, LCN Coax, 2M

51308112-003           Cable Set, LCN Coax, 3M

51308112-008            Cable Set, LCN Coax, 8M

51308112-015             Cable Set, LCN Coax, 15M

51309148-125             FTA, 120V D/O Relay, Comp Term, CE

51309150-175             FTA, 240V D/O Relay, Comp Term,CC,CE

51309152-175             IOP, A/O, CC

51309204-175        FTA, LLAI Mux/SDI/SI Pwr Adapter,CC

51309218-175             FTA, LLMux RTD, Comp Term, CC, CE

51309241-175          Battery Extension Module(conformalcoated)

51309276-150            PWA, HPM I/O Link, CC

51309288-375              PWA, RED MODULE CC

51309512-175          FTE Bridge Module, CC

51309516-175            SI Pwr Adapter, AC

51309540-175           AO GI/IS FTA (16),  HART CC

51400646-100           Fan Assy, 5 Slot

51401052-100           PWA, SPCI

51401135-350           PWA, Redundant Pwr Sply, 230VAC, CC

51401140-450           Pwr System, AC Only,240VAC,16A,Redundant,CC

51401140-850            Pwr System, AC Only, 240VAC,8A,Redundant,CC

51401496-100            FAN ASSM, 2 NODE

51401560-100              Kybd, QWERTY Membrane

51401577-100               QWERTY KYBD KIT

51401583-100             PWA EPNI

51402089-100         PWA, EPDG2

51402184-100          Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, DualNodeFile

51402184-200          Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, 5SlotFile

51402497-200              QWY KYBD W/BEEPER EC

51402573-250             UCNIF Module Assembly CC

51403165-400           OEP Assy, EC

51403299-200            LCNP4 GPS Assy w/Card Guide

51403422-150           PWA, HPM Comm/Controller, CC

51403427-175            LIM Module CC

51403427-275            LIM Module CC

51403519-160              K4SDR 16 MW

51403645-400             SBHM Single Drive Assy

51403698-100             SBHM Motherboard Assy

51403776-100             PWA, LCNP4M

51403988-150              PWA, HPM COMM CONTROL CC

51404127-250              HPM File, 15 Slot, CC

51404172-175              Baclpanel, PM Pwr System

51404174-27               5 PM Pwr System Assy, 20AmpRedundant,CC,

51404305-375             PCM Assembly, CE, CC

51404391-125            P/S SER INT ASSY EC

620-0024                Memory Module

620-0036                Processor Power Supply

620-0054                 620-35 System Control Module

620-0056                 Register Module -- 4K x 4K

620-0080 620-35           Processor Module

620-0085              2048 I/O Control Module

621-0021RC             Enhanced Diagnostics Module

621-1250RC             240Vac Input, 16 point

621-2201RC             230Vac Isolated Output, 6 point

621-3560RC             24Vdc Input, 16 point

621-3580RC            24Vdc Input, 32 point

621-6550RC            24Vdc  Source Output, 16 point

621-9938RC             Redundant Serial I/O Module

621-9939C              Serial I/O Module

80363969-150          HD IOP, HPM A/O, CC

80363972-150            HD IOP, HPM D/I, CC

80363975-150          HD IOP, HPM D/O, CC

80366177-250             HD FTA, A/O Redn, Comp Term, CC

80366198-100           Cable, Bridge 1M

83957061-002           FUSE 0.5 AMP

83957061-003            FUSE 1.0 AMP

83957061-004            FUSE, 1.6 AMP

9904-TPR                 ControlNet T Tap right angle

9904-TPS               ControlNet T Tap straight angle

FS-TPSU-2430            24 Vdc to 30 Vdc/1 A converter

FS-TSAI-1620m            Fail-safe 0(4)-20 mA analoginputFTA

FS-TSDI-16UNI           DI FTA Moudle

FS-TSDO-0824            DO FTA Moudle

FS-TSGAS-1624          3410748  Fail-safe Gas -Flame detectorinputFTA 

FTA-T-02       3410706   Fail-safe digital outputFTA

FTA-T-21       3410724    Fail-safe digital input FTA



MP-ZHMU18-100          HM Upgrade Kit,Dual 1.8GB Drivesw/oTray

MP-ZHMU19-100          HM Upgrade Kit, Dual 1.8GBDrivesw/Tray

MP-ZIP100-100            Upgrade Kit, Single Bernoulli to SingleZipDr


TC-CCN013               CN Module, Single Media

TC-CCR013                CN I Module, Redundant Media

TC-CCR014              CNI Module, RedundantMedia(TC-CCR013)

TC-CEN021             Ethernet Interface Module, 10/100MB

TC-FPCXX2           120/240vac Pwr Supply

TC-FPDXX2              24Vvdc Pwr Supply

TC-FXX102             10 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp

TC-FXX132          13 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp

TC-FXX172           17 slot chassis, 13 amp

TC-IAH061            Analog Input 6pt Module, CIOM-A

TC-IAH161            AI 16 Module (single or 8diff.),CIOM-A

TC-IDD321            DC Input Module 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A

TC-IDJ161             DC Input Module 24vdc 16pt(isoltd.),CIOM-A

TC-IDW161         AC Input Module 220vac 16pt, CIOM-A

TC-IXL061             Thermocouple Input Module6pt,CIOM-A

TC-IXL062               Thermocouple Input Module6pt,CIOM-A

TC-IXR061               RTD Input Module 6pt, CIOM-A

TC-OAH061           Analog Ouput 6pt Mod (4-20MA)CIOM-A

TC-OAV061              Analog Output Module 6 pt(10V),CIOM-A

TC-OAV081                AO Module 8pt (4-20ma &10V),CIOM-A

TC-ODA161              AC Output Module 120/220vac16pt,CIOM-A

TC-ODD321                DC Output Module 24vdc 32 pt,CIOM-A

TC-ODJ161           DC Output Module 24vdc 16pt, CIOM-A

TC-ODK161             AC Output Module 120/220vac16pt,CIOM-A

TC-PCIC01              ControlNet Interface Card (PCI Bus)

TC-PCIC02                 ControlNet Interface Module, PCIbus

TC-RPCXX1               120/240 VAC Redundant Power Supply

TC-TBCH             Field Wiring Connector 36 pos

TC-TBNH                   Field Wiring Connector 20 pos

TK-CCR014            CNI, Redundant Media,Coated(TK-CCR013)

TK-FPDXX2             Conformal coated 24VDC Pwr Supply

TK-FXX132                 13 slot chassis, coated, 13 amp

TK-IAH161             AI 16 Module, CIOM-A, Coated

TK-IDD321                 DC Input 24vdc 32pt, CIOM-A, Coated

TK-IXL061             Thermocouple Input 6pt,CIOM-A,Coated

TK-IXR061               RTD Input 6pt, Coated

TK-OAV081                Analog Output 8pt, CIOM-A, Coated

TK-ODD321                DC Output 24vdc 32 pt, Coated

TP-DIKBTA-100           IKB Keyboard w/Trackball, Desktop



TP-LCNP02-100            LCNP4M Interface Card, Mid-siz

TP-OPADP1-200            OEP Adapter, 240V, Deskside IKB

TP-OPADP1-201             OEP ADAPTER FOR DESK, WKS2, 24



Our company has many products in stock,which are immediately available.The warranty is 1 years which apply to all the new products.If you purchase one more parts from us,we can make a discount to you. If you have any question pls do not hesitate to contact us.We can supply all kind of the automaiton parts,if you can not find the module we list and want to purchase parts pls send the parts model to my mail.


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