movable grinder

1. small size & compact structure. The machine is now supported by gasoline engine, diesel engine, electric or imported gasoline engine.
2. light weight. For example, the weight of 3 ton gasoline engine powered winch is 88 kgs. Equipped with diesel engine or motor, the winch is 108 kg.
Equipped with imported gasoline engine, the winch is only 82 kg, which is very convenient transported. They are especially suitable for line construction in
water area and mountain. String machine equipped with a small capstan, can also be used for a vertical rod, wire. One machine with two function in the
wildfield helps to reduce crop losses.
3. high efficiency. It reduces the labor intensity, improves working efficiency with less operators and convenient field command.
4. safe and reliable. The machine has the interlocking brake device, accurate positioning, excellent braking performance , flexible usage, safety and trust.
5. widely used. According to customers’ response and field investigation, this machine has wide usage, such as rod up, a vertical rod, the pull rod, line
release, line reel, the bridge plate traction, lifting and other purposes.


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