Bluetooth Board, Bluetooth Circuit Board

Best Quality Bluetooth Board, Bluetooth Board Manufacturer at MOKOMOKO Technology Ltd is a manufacturer of Bluetooth PCB, bluetooth printed circuit board and provides Bluetooth PCB services for the past 18 years.We offer great quality Telecom PCB assembly, PCB services at competitive prices.Leading Bluetooth Board, Bluetooth Circuit Board manufacturing in China, specializes in  Bluetooth board, Bluetooth Circuit Board,PCB design boards, PCB prototyping & PCB assembling services.Our company is able to make custom Bluetooth module or Bluetooth board if you can offer us the BOM and the schematic diagram of the Bluetooth module, bluetooth board you want, we company can manufacture it for you. Specification: - bluetooth circuit board - PCB make & Assembly   - Component Procurement & Material Management     - Cable and Wire Assemblies - Plastics and Molds   - Function Testing Service   Moko PCB Board Fabrication Capabilities:   Layer 1,2,4 or 6,upto 18 layers Material FR4,CEM1,CEM3,Hight TG,FR4 Halogen Free,FR1,FR2 Order Quantity 1-500,000 Board shape  Rectangular,round,slots,cutouts,complex,irregular Board type Rigid,flexible,rigid-flexible Board material FR-4,glass epoxy,FR4 High Tg,Rohs compliant,Aluminum,Rogers,etc Board cutting Shear,V-score,tab-routed Board thickness 0.2~4.0mm,Flex 0.01~0.25'' Copper weight 1.0,1.5,2.0oz Solder mask  Double-sided green LPI,Also support red,white,yellow,blue,black Silk screen Double-sided or single-sided in white,yellow,black,or negative Silk screen min line width 0.006'' or 0.15mm Max board dimensions 20inch*20inch or 500mm*500mm Min drill hole diameter 0.01'',0.25mm.or 10 mils Surface finish HASL,Nickle,Imm Gold,Imm Tin,Imm Silver,OSP etc Board thickness tolerance ± 10% Copper weight tolerance ± 0.25oz Minimal slot width 0.12'',3.0mm,or 120mils V-score depth 20-25% of board thickness Plated through holes Yes Sink holes Yes Design file format Gerber RS-274X,274D,Eagle and AutoCAD'S DXF,DWG


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