LED Panel Board, LED Panel Light PCB

Looking for LED Light PCB, LED Panel Lighting PCB? Good Quality LED PCB prototype assembly service manufacturers from China at MOKO.LED Tube Light PCB ManufacturerMOKO is the Leading LED Panel light PCB Manufacturer and Exporter from China, our product range includes LED Panel Light PCB such as LED panel Light  PCB, LED Tube Light PCB, LED down Lighting PCB and MC PCB. AS we know, LED tube lights are commonly used in various lighting facilities to serve as a replacement light source for traditional fluorescent tubes. The ideal PCB Design flow begins when designers recognize a need that must be fulfilled, and it doesn’t end until testing verifies that the design can meet those needs. So the circuit board designer is very important. If you ask a new LED PCB designer to design you boards. The result of the LED PCB Design program may very bad. All things related to the rich experience of the PCB design.Ambient temperature range and concerns regarding the operating environment should be addressed and used to specify the materials selected for the PCB. In fact the order requires always include above points. You know not every kind of printed circuit board have the same require. Even the same LED PCB board, different customer has different requires.LED Panel PCB Use high Brightness LED Chips with great light effect, Luminous Flux reaches 700lm, light efficiency reaches 100lm/w. Compared with conventional incandescent lamp, lighting efficiency enhances 10 times, and saves 90% energy. Compared with conventional energy saving light, lighting efficiency enhances 200%, which is economical and environment-friendly. Replace the energy saving light and incandescent lamp with led, the operating costs will be greatly reduced.Adopts Magnesium Alloy light fixture, which is the New Generation Model and makes its texture harder, weight lighter, heat dispersion better. And also makes its appearance more beautiful, compact and novel.   Very safe, no mercury, no any hazardous materials. It can be fully recycled.


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