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 PCB Prototype Manufacturing Creative and Elaborate PCB Prototype Manufacturing ServicesPCB prototype manufacturing is one among the many popular services that we at MOKO offer to our customers. Our experienced PCB design team members are experts in taking the most detailed and complex ideas and creating a model of the final product.MOKO Technology Ltd utilize the latest in PCB design and layout software to create innovative designs that will meet your needs and expectations. We have the capabilities to provide single sided, double sided, and multi-layered prototypes.Whether you wish to create a standalone  prototype, or finalize on a design before manufacturing, we can handle the entire process from start to finish.We work with our clients to get complete clarity on their prototype needs. We can create a new design for you from scratch, or we can take reference from an existing design that you may have.At MOKO, we utilize advanced CAD software to complete the PCB design process. This allows us to offer prototypes in the following file formats: Altium CadSoft EAGLE Gerbers/Excellon Orcad ProtelThis also helps us to provide a fully functional prototype in record time.We understand how important the prototyping phase is in PCB manufacturing. For this reason, our designers and engineers take great care to ensure that all possible defects or faults are detected and fixed at the prototyping phase itself. This allows for faster and smoother manufacturing and inspection processes.Here’s steps we follow prior to manufacture any pcb prototypes.Depending on your specifications: Our engineering review Customer specs / Data file to create error free manufacturing process from start to finish with instructions. Our Cad department review 100 % customer specs and Data file and print prior to cad process from DRC (Design rules check) to find any data / design issue and provide 100 % report and fix any design or manufacturing related errors prior to photo plot from provided Data file. We select the type of require material from low temp to high temp Rigid Cem-1 to Cem-3 , FR4 to FR408 , GTEK , POLYAMIDE , ROGERS , are the most common types. Maintain PCB Require Tolerance and overall PCB Dimension from Drilling to Fabrications. We Follow and maintain IPC acceptability’s and ISO Procedure during production thru all departments. We follow and use customer data and net list to check functionality of PCB by performing electrical test.Our PCB prototype manufacturing process involves taking strategic steps and adhering to stringent guidelines. In this manner, we can create a PCB prototype according to your specifications.


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