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Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services - Turnkey SolutionsMOKO is your turnkey solution for electronic assembly. Our Turnkey PCB capabilities range from proto-type to large volume production runs using semi-automated and fully automated surface mount and through hole assembly equipment. This allows MOKO to meet the low volume needs of small manufacturers and the high volume needs of our larger customers.MOKO's turnkey capabilities offer greater flexibility and savings to customers as we handle the sourcing of components, localization of purchases, materials handling and planning. Therefore the customer enjoys a smooth manufacturing experience with minimal overhead and infrastructure costs.Another important advantage to using MOKO's Turnkey Solutions is that we have supply partners that allow us to procure your parts at competitive prices and we pass those savings on to you. Click Here to receive a quote on your project.Electronics TurnkeyOur Turnkey Solutions include:    Design/Layout of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)    PCB Fabrication    Component Assembly (SMT, Through Hole, Mixed Technology)    Wire Harnesses    Box Assembly    Parts Procurement    Component FormingPCB Assembled - Best PriceOur Turnkey customers have come to expect the following:    Eliminate Non-value Added Activities    Reduce Manufacturing Costs    Increase Customer Satisfaction    Quick and Reliable Turnaround How to get a Turn-key PCB Assembly QuoteYou can get a quote in a number of ways:Online Quote: Engineers prefer this method of quoting because they can a quote instantly. To get an online quote:online Quote: Click our "Online Customer" , A quote will be ed to you.Email: You can also get a quote by ing us at jenny@mokotechnology.com.cn. Please attach all your files.Call us: Or you can call us at 86-755-23725796


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