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The use of ground grinding security technology
(1) the ground should be put on the flat, accessibility, and fixed tightly, prevent the ground plane to move or skewed.
(2) run one end of the rope to lower by grinding core pulling, and suction clockwise around the core grinding, the other end by the upper half of the grinding core leads.
(3) ran to the derivation of the rope should be guide pulley, may not directly lead to high.
(4) discover the rope phenomenon, immediately stop, manage their ropes rear can continue to promote ground grinding work.
(5) ground on the ground should be equipped with prevent grind core reverse braking mechanism, prevent the core grinding reverse cuts.
(6) ground when stop running, brake should be good, and will run the rope and pull on the rope on the lock, the operator can leave.
(7) many operation shall have a clear division of responsibilities, personal command, the same action, it is forbidden to irrelevant personnel stay in run on either side of the rope and pulled tight rope.


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