Ipl Shr Laser EB-HR5

New Design ipl shr laser hair removalModel No.: EB-HR5Application:SHR working system: fast hair removal,in-motion technology,single pulseIPL OPT working system:  skin rejuvenation,pigmentation therapy,vascular therapy,acne removal,wrinkle removalFeatures:1、Germany-imported Xenon lamp,much longer lifespan2、Real sapphire handle,the best cooling results.3、High quality handle: 640nm-950nm,10hz frequency,fast treatment4、2 operation modes: simple mode--you just need to choose skin color,adjust energy and frequency; expert mode--for experienced beauticians/operators.5、TWO working systems: SHR working system,OPT IPL working system6、Machine auto-checking to ensure machine safety7、Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature,stop all working immediately in case of any risk at the first time,offering the best protection for both the machine and users.8、High quality CPC connector for easy installation & operation,no water leak,safety assured.Specification:Display Screen8.4’’ FTF true color touch screenOutput powerReal 2000WHandles1 pcs640-950nmSHR handle530-1200nmOPT IPL handle(optional)Energy0-50J/cm2Pulse IntervalSHR Mode: 1-10 times/secondOPT Mode: 0.1-1 times/ secondSkin Color Options3 options:white,brown,blackSpot Size8*40mm(standard),10*50mm(optional)Program Languages12 languages or more can be added as per request.Cooling SystemAir cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor coolingPackingThick sponge+aluminum alloy boxVoltage110V or 220V


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