PM VSD Screw Air Compressor

PM VSD Screw Air Compressor1  FRONT MESHFilter the air before come into compressor,Website:, which make good protection for air end and compressor is more durable.2  ONE-PIECE AIR END&MOTORPermanent magnet motor is a synchronous motor, uses Neodymium Boron material and never lose magnetism until 120℃. Stator coil is more durable as it’s wrapped by corona resistant enameled wire. PM motor is improved efficiency by 9%, surpassing asynchronous motor, and designed for 10 years reliable operation.Air end connect with PM motor by one shaft without coupling or bearing. Transmission rate reach 100%. If works with inverter, energy efficiency is improved as much as 6%.Air end production line introduces Germany & Japan high precision rotor grinding machinery. Optimized rotor profile delivers more flow than capacity of similar parts therefore help minimize the operating expense.3  VARIABLE SPEED DRIVEVariable speed drive control speed of motor and decrease start current, make operation smoothly and quietly. The VSD(inverter) can save up to 35% on energy costs. For whole compressor, VSD together with efficient PM motor, this rate even reach 42%.4INTELLIGENT CONTROLLERPLC controller helps you properly maintain air compressor. React automatically to key parameters to reduce unexpected downtime.Monitor and adjust parameters on the touch screen panel and can send you message to your cell when operational events occur. So you can take immediate action, accessing compressor system from anywhere in the world only with a web-browser.5  COOLING SYSTEMEnlarged heat exchanger reduces significant thermal for improved durability.6  SMART COMPRESSORA program lets you start/stop compressor at specific time. Fix the pressure at your own demand to maximize productivity and save energy. 7  LONG LIFE COMSUMABLEOil separation system remove all 3ppm oil from compressed air, protecting equipment system and minimize costs.8  PRESSURE CONTROLYou can fix the pressure at your own demand within a certain range, compressor delivers airflow the same as needed and minimize energy consumption.Save energy up to 42%Intelligent control by web browser and cell Efficient PM motorLong life consumablesStable air delivery, easy operation and quietVSD soft startModelBD-20PMBD-30PMBD-40PMBD-50PMBD-60PMBD-75PMBD-100PMBD-125PMBD-150PMBD-175PMPower(kw)1522303745557590110132FAD/Discharge Pressure((m3/min)/bar)2.5/73.86/75.2/76.8/77.2/710.9/714.3/716.8/723.6/725.6/72.3/83.75/85/86.5/86.5/89.9/813.3/815.9/823.0/824.8/82/103.5/104.3/105.6/106.8/109.4/1011.9/1013.9/1019.5/1022.5/101.7/1.253.4/12.53.8/12.55.3/12.56.4/12.58.8/12.510.1/12.512.1/12.512.1/12.520.3/12.5Cooling WayAir CoolingDrive wayPM Variable Speed SynchronizationLength(mm)1120112014101410180018001800210024002400Width(mm)84084010101010114011401140120012001200Height(mm)1250125014501450170017001700170017001700Weight(kg)580620750860136014801560189028802980Outlet Pipe Dia(inch)G1"G1"1/2"G11/2"G1G2"G2"G2"DN65DN65DN65


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