Battery Pack For EVs Electric Vehicle

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Air Cooling System Module Air cooling system module adopts the wind flow decrease the temperature of module batteries work, improve the battery safety, apply to the logistics vehicles, sightseeing car application environment, etc. Product Feature BMS FOR VEHICLE COOLANT OUTLET BONDING FUSE LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL BMS Feature ASIC chip, high precision acquisition,automotive grade material, Lightning Surge Immunity Test, redundancy design, high temperature aging, electron- static discharge, EMC, current ballancing technology, maintenance-free battery system, The water detection, smoke detection, collision warning system actively. FEEDBACK Temp. Balance & Bonding Aluminium wire bonding process with bus-bar design, triaxial vibration design, waterproof and dustproof design, structure lightweight design technology, which solved the core issue of power battery, improving the safety, reliability and stability. At the same time, the problem of abttery heating, heat dissipation was managed by temperature equalization technology ,which improve the battery performence and life span. PLB continue to optimize the battery pack design,so as to ensure the safety of product. Applications Electric Passenger Bus Electric Logistics Truck Electric Special Vehicle Battery Pack General Parameters No. Item Description Remarks 1 Battery Cell 26650 5.0Ah NiCoMn Cell 2 Combination 88Series-39Parallels 3 Moninal Voltage 316.8V 4 Nominal Capacity 195Ah 5 Continuous Discharge Current 117A 6 Instantly Discharge Current 292A 7 Fast Charge Current 97A 8 Voltage Range 264~365.2V 9 Total Density 61.8kWh 10 Water-proof & Dust-proof Grade IP67 11 Communication CAN Design 12 Thermal Management Natural Cooling 13 SOC Range 5%~95% 14 Total Weight 515kgs 15 Cell Block Combination Voltage:≤5mV Impedance:≤3mΩ Capacity: ≤50mAH PLB internal standards 16 Charging Operation Temp.(℃) 0~45 Temp. under 0℃ heating via PTC and over 0℃ to charge 17 Discharging Operation Temp.(℃) -10~55 18 Humidty - 100% Sealed Product Feature Description Security fuel bonding process to ensure module consistency and safety Adopting 94-V0 safety & fire-proof raw material Inter-module high insulation designed with FPC current acquisition High voltage insulation with 2500V insulated connection material 1/6 density of iron light packing engineering plastic material to increase journey capacity Primary Competitive Advantages Military specification with auto. Grade material Long life span with low resistant and self-discharge Optimum design with light packing Customized configuration are accepted OEM & ODM orders are welcome


至: Dongguan Power Long Battery Technology Co., Limited
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