Apple Laptop Batteries Apple A1185 battery

Apple Laptop Batteries Apple A1185 battery DetailsSpecificationModelApple A1185 batteryCapacity5000mAhVoltage10.8VNet weight384.5gSize210.90 * 77.20 * 14.90mmWarranty12 monthsconditionBrand NewColorSliverBattery TypeLi-PolyCompatibility of Apple  A1185 Laptop BatteryMacBook 13" MA254, MacBook 13" MA254*/A,MacBook 13" MA254B/A, MacBook 13" MA254CH/A,MacBook 13" MA254F/A, MacBook 13" MA254J/A,MacBook 13" MA254LL/A, MacBook 13" MA254SA/A,MacBook 13" MA254TA/A, MacBook 13" MA254X/A,MacBook 13" MA255, MacBook 13" MA2This Apple A1185 Battery replacement can replace the following part numbers: (Please use "Ctrl + F" )APPLEA1185MA561MA561FE/AMA561G/AMA561J/AMA561LL/AThis Apple A1185 Battery replacement is compatible with the following models: (Please use "Ctrl + F" )APPLEMacBook 13 inch MB062LL/BMacBook 13 inch MB881LL/AMacBook 13-inch MA254MacBook 13-inch MA254*/AMacBook 13-inch MA254B/AMacBook 13-inch MA254CH/AMacBook 13-inch MA254F/AMacBook 13-inch MA254J/AMacBook 13-inch MA254LL/AMacBook 13-inch MA254SA/AMacBook 13-inch MA254TA/AMacBook 13-inch MA254X/AMacBook 13-inch MA255MacBook 13-inch MA255*/AMacBook 13-inch MA255B/AMacBook 13-inch MB062B/AMacBook 13-inch MB062CH/AMacBook 13-inch MB062J/AMacBook 13-inch MB062LL/AMacBook 13-inch MB062X/AMacBook 13-inch MA255CH/AMacBook 13-inch MA255F/AMacBook 13-inch MA255J/AMacBook 13-inch MA255LL/AMacBook 13-inch MA255SA/AMacBook 13-inch MA255TA/AMacBook 13-inch MA255X/AMacBook 13-inch MA699MacBook 13-inch MA699*/AMacBook 13-inch MA699B/AMacBook 13-inch MA699CH/AMacBook 13-inch MA699J/AMacBook 13-inch MA699LL/AMacBook 13-inch MA699TA/AMacBook 13-inch MA699X/AMacBook 13-inch MB402*/AMacBook 13-inch MB402B/AMacBook 13-inch MB402J/AMacBook 13-inch MB402LL/AMacBook 13-inch MB402X/AMacBook 13-inch MA700MacBook 13-inch MA700*/AMacBook 13-inch MA700B/AMacBook 13-inch MA700CH/AMacBook 13-inch MA700J/AMacBook 13-inch MA700LL/AMacBook 13-inch MA700TA/AMacBook 13-inch MA700X/AMacBook 13-inch MB061*/AMacBook 13-inch MB061B/AMacBook 13-inch MB061CH/AMacBook 13-inch MB061J/AMacBook 13-inch MB061LL/AMacBook 13-inch MB061X/AMacBook 13-inch MB062*/AMacBook 13-inch MB403*/AMacBook 13-inch MB403B/AMacBook 13-inch MB403J/AMacBook 13-inch MB403LL/AMacBook 13-inch MB403X/A» Laptop Batteries


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