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Hitachi Battery EB1414S Manufacturer detailsCompatible with:(Hitachi Battery EB1414S Manufacturer)Hitachi CJ 14DL, DH 14DL, DS 14DAF2, DS 14DMR, DS 14DV, DS 14DVA, DS 14DVB,DS 14DVB2, DS 14DVB2K, DS 14DVF, DS 14DVF2, DS 14DVF3, DS14DFL, DS14DFLPC,DS14DL, DV 14DMR, DV 14DV, DV 14DVA, DV 14DVKS, DV 14DCL, DV 14DL, DV 14DVL,G 14DL, UB 18D, UB 18DL, WH 14DA, WH 14DAF2, WH 14DH, WH 14DM, WH 14DMB,WH 14DMK, WH 14DML, WH 14DMR, WH 14DMRL, WH 14DSL, WR 14DH, WR 14DM,WR 14DMB, WR 14DMK, WR 14DMR, WR 14DLTechnical Details:(Hitachi Battery EB1414S Manufacturer)ModelEB1414SProduct Dimensions4 x 4.2 x 3 inchesCapacity2.0 AhColorBlackItem Weight1.7 poundsVoltage14.4 voltsWarranty1 yearBattery Cell TypeNiCAD/NI-MHLife500 times MaxHitachi Battery EB1414S Manufacturer can replace the original battery of the following part numbers:BCL 1030 BCL 1030M BCL 1415 BCL 1430 BCL 1815 BCL1030A BCL1415 BCL1430 BCL1815 BSL 1415 BSL 1430 BSL 1815X BSL 1830 BSL 2530 BSL 3626 EB 12 EB 1212S EB 1214L EB 1214S EB 1220BL EB 1220HL EB 1220HS EB 1220RS EB 1222HL EB 1224 EB 1226HL EB 1230HL EB 1230R EB 1230X EB 1233X EB 12B EB 12G EB 12M EB 12S EB 1412S EB 1414 EB 1414L EB 1414S EB 1420RS EB 1424 EB 1426H EB 1430H EB 1430R EB 1430X EB 14B EB 14H EB 14S EB 1812S EB 1814SL EB 1820 EB 1820L EB 1824L EB 1826HL EB 1830H EB 1830HL EB 2420 EB 2430HA EB 2430R EB 2433X EB 9 EB 912S EB 914 EB 914S EB 920HS EB 920RS EB 924 EB 926H EB 930H EB 930R EB 9B EB 9G EB 9H EB 9M EB 9S EB1412S EB1414 EB1414S EB1424 EB1426H EB1430H EB14B EB14H EB14S EBL 1430 EBM 1830 EBM 315 EBM1830 FEB 12 FEB 12S FEB 9SHitachi Battery EB1414S Manufacturer  is also compatible with the following power tool (cordless drill) model numbers:C 14DSLC 18DLC 18DLXC 18DMRC 18DSLC 18DSL2C 5DC 6DCC 6DDC 7DC-2C14DYSLC18DLC18DLP4C18DLXC18DMRC18DSLP4C6DCC6DDCD 14DSLCD 4DCG 14DSALCG 14DSLCG 18DSDLCJ 10DLCJ 14DLCJ 14DSLCJ 18DLCJ 18DLXCJ 18DSLCJ 18DSLP4CJ18DLCJ18DLP4CJ18DLXCK 12DCK 12DYCK 14DSCCL 10DCL 10D2CL 13DCL 14DSLCR 10DLCR 14DSLCR 18DLCR 18DLXCR 18DMRCR 18DSALCR 18DSLCR 18DSLP4CR 18DVCR 24DV CR10DL CR18DL CR18DLP4 CR18DLX CR18DMR CR18DV D 10D D 10DD D 10DF D 10DF2 D 10DG D 10DH D 10DJ D 10K-2 DB 10DL DB 12DM2 DB 3DL DB 3DL2 DB10DL DH 14DL DH 14DSL DH 15D2 DH 15DV DH 18DL DH 18DLX DH 18DSL DH 18DSLP4 DH 24DV DH 24DVA DH 25DAL DH 25DL DH 36DAL DH 36DL DH18DL DH18DLP4 DH18DLX DN 10DY DN 12DY DN 12DYK DN 12Y DS 10DFL DS 10DT DS 10DTA DS 10DV DS 10DV2 DS 10DVA DS 10DVC DS 12DM DS 12DM2Popular Power Tool (Cordless Drill) Brands:» Makita Power Tool Batteries» Bosch Power Tool Batteries» Dewalt Power Tool Batteries» Milwaukee Power Tool Batteries» Ryobi Power Tool Batteries» Craftsman Power Tool Batteries» Black And Decker Power Tool Batteries» Hitachi Power Tool Batteries» Power Tool Battery Adapters» Power Tool Batteries Cells


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