Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V100ah for Telecommunication

Basic Info.Model NO.:FT12-100Type:Front Terminal Telecom BatteryUsage:UPS,Website:, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric BicycleNominal Voltage:12VDischarge Rate:Low Discharge RateShape:Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V100ahElectrolyte:AcidInstallation:FixedRechargeable:ChargeablePackage:Front Terminal Telecom Battery CartonSpecification:CE, IEC, ISOTrademark:CSPOWER/OEMOrigin:Guangzhou, GuangdongModel:Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12V100ahSize:508*109*223*238mmColor:Black / Dark GrayWarranty:3yearsExpected Cycle Life:Over 12 YearsDelivery:7 DaysApplication:UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric BicycleWeight:30.6kgRated Capacity(Ah) 20hrs/25:100HS Code:8507200000Production Capacity:1, 00, 000PCS/MonthProduct DescriptionFront Terminal Telecom Battery 12v100ah for TelecommunicationBasic info:Size: 508*109*223*238mm voltage: 12vCapacity: 100ah weight: 30.6kgWarranty: 3 years delivery time: 7daysExpected cycle life: Over 12 yearsUssage: UPS, Electric Power, Lighting, Electric Bicycle, TelecomFront Terminal Telecom Battery 12v100ah for TelecommunicationCharacteristicsCSPOWER Front Terminal lead acid battery is mainly used in the area of communication, which is novel in design, reasonable in structure and occupying the leading position in the same industry of the world.As with previous INTELEC (International Telecommunications Energy) conferences, many people were concerned about the life and durability of VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. It can be employed in numerous applications in the fields of communications. In order to ensure that the power supply is guaranteed at all times, essential facilities are backed up with high performances battery systems. Sudden breaks in the power supply are then no longer a problem. If the power suddenly fails, battery systems take over the emergency supply of power.Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12v100ah for TelecommunicationAdvantages:1. Sealed free maintenance lead acid battery.2. Non spillable and water proof.3. Environmental friendly.4. Thick pasted plates with high quality lead-tin-calcium alloy grids for long service life5. Centralized venting system for gas ventilation6. Plastics or rope handles for handling and installation convenience7. Front access terminals for easy and quick connection8. Low internal resistance9. Lower self discharge10. Design life is over 12 years11. Case and cover in strong flame retardant ABS, V0 class12. Widely working environment: Can be used at widely difference in temperature from subzero 40 to 60.Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12v100ah for TelecommunicationApplicationControl systems;Electric toys;Emergency lamp;Power tools;Medical treatment equipment;Alarm system;Emergency light system;Standby power supply;UPS and computer standby power supply;Power system;Telecommunication system;Firefighting equipment standby power supply;Railway system;Power station;Ship equipment;Military equipment;Tele switching system.Front Terminal Telecom Battery 12v100ah for TelecommunicationQuality Assurance:. Standard quality. 100% test before shipmentAttn: Booiewww.csagmbattery.comTel: +8613266853849LinkenIn:  Front Terminal Telecom BatteryTelecom BatteryUPS BatterySealed Lead Acid BatteryMaintenance Free BatterySolar Deep Cycle AGM BatteryGel BatteryRechargeable Battery                                                        


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