Resin Cable Jointing Kits for Copper and Aluminium Cables

Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit

Product introduction

Cable Joint as an important connection point of the whole power supply network, its running stability will directly affect the quality of the power supply system. Because the cable joint is made artificially in the on-site installation is complete, the environment affected by the construction and operation of the environment, will inevitably cause the error of installation, external damage, cable breakdown caused by explosion and water etc.


And in the Cable Joint  breakdown and explosion will release a lot of energy, the surrounding power facilities or personnel to cause harm, or even cause the occurrence of the two accident. To solve these problems, our company developed with fire prevention, waterproof, explosion-proof function Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints, all-round protection, once the explosion or breakdown of cable joints, can effectively protect the surrounding power facilities and other personnel, prevent the occurrence of two damage.


Technical characteristics:

1, the shell is made of  Scotchcast Resin, Scotchcast Resin are anisotropic materials, coupled with the formula and additives in a wide range of selectivity, glass steel according to the work environment and the state, adding special flame retardant additives, the glass steel material with good flame retardancy, the main parameters of flame retardant oxygen index should reach 62.5%. A high-quality composite glass steel, it has a special function to prevent acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive media, and will not rust. The coastal areas and chemical sites and long buried underground requirements. Product performance to ensure that accessories can be a long time stable operation.

2, in the combination of Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints with silicone rubber sealing ring to seal the shell, enhance the waterproof performance of the cable intermediate joint.

3, with a strong pressure performance, Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints can withstand the impact from the internal or external.

4, in the Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints side of a sealing plug sealed with silicone rubber discharge hole, and discharge hole direction can be adjusted, once the cable joint explosion, discharge hole on the sealing plug can be quickly opened and can effectively prevent the other cables, or the surrounding environment destruction, flame retardant properties of the shell is also can guarantee the internal flame extinguished due to hypoxia.

5, convenient and quick installation, can meet the requirements of 10kV, 35kV single core and three core cable laying.

6, safe and reliable, widely used in electric power, coal, chemical industry and other high-risk industries and key projects of power supply network.


Scope of application:

Glass steel casing is divided into several categories, which can be suitable for 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV, Cable Joint, 500KV. And can be applied to single core or three core and multi-core cable.

Jointing Kit Contents

Scotchcast Mould body with closure cap

Scotchcast 470W resin bag

Scotch 23 Tape

Armour connection components

Disposable gloves (EN394)

Detailed installation instruction


The main function of Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit is to withstand a certain external force impact and damage in the middle of the joint.

Dead work

Check with Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit diameter applicable specifications and size with the cable and the middle of the head (the stress cone or shell) is consistent with the size of the;

Check the sealing material Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit (gasket, opening Haff sealing material: glass steel shell and two port cable strip and heat shrinkable tube) is complete;

Check the high voltage cable sealant two component cable plastic packing is complete, the quantity of the component is sufficient;

Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit assembly

The middle section cleaning about installing Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit joints, install the Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit on the second half leads to coaxial cable or grounding cables, a plurality of tightening bolts, two Scotchcast Resin Cable Joint Kit ports and coaxial cable and grounding cable sealing process (including sealing strip and shrink tube); the two components of high voltage cable cable sealant glue mix well; glue, glue should pay attention to its continuity, two groups of glue is filled into the interval of time as short as possible; glue please glue leakage;

Note: a two-component adhesive sealant for high-voltage cable cable in the process of curing some slight volume expansion, so can not be poured too full, generally below the mouth filling glue along the height of 20 to 30mm;

Closed cover mouth, installation is completed.




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