Bubble Nozzle

ModelSpecificationSpecificationWorking pressureWater spraySpray heightSurface coverage diameterMillimeterInchMpa/10m3/hMMKSZ-2525G10.40-1.87月14日4月12日0.80-2KSZ-5050G20.20-4.57-402-350.60-3.5 ModelSpecificationSpecificationWorking pressureWater spraySpray heightSurface coverage diameterMillimeterInchMpa/10m3/hMMYQ-2525G10.30-0.64月6日0.35-0.60.20-0.35YQ-4040G3/20.50-1.58月20日0.4-1.50.30-1.0YQ-5050G20.50-1.510月25日0.6-2.00.50-1.5Snowy Jet takes air from outside due to its internal working system, it mix the air into the water, obtaining a very rich air-water mixture which get a very frothy and bubbling water stream, so these nozzles have a very high water oxygenation capacity.The lively bubbling water pattern generated by the foam effect nozzles is the optimal accessory for watercourse inlets, stepped pool installations, or fountain installations with a water reservoir at a lower level.


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