1x2 单模机械式光开关

Can work in extreme temperatures from -40~80℃.Passed antishake tests,drop from 1 meter height can work as usual.


    unmatched low cost ;
    low insertion loss;
    high channel isolation;
    highly stable and reliable;
    epoxy-free optical path 

    the light signal top/battom road;
    system monitoring;
    instrument equipment;
    light signal routing
Performance index and specification:

parameters specifications unit
operating wavelength 1260-1650 (nm)
testing wavelength 1310/1550 (nm)
insertion loss  <0.7 (dB)
polarization dependant loss ≤0.05 (dB)
wavelength dependant loss ≤0.25 (dB)
temperature dependant loss <0.15 (dB)
cross talk 55 (dB)
repeatability <±0.05 (dB)
return loss >55 (dB)
switching time <10(Typ.4) (dB)
coil resistance(Lead Angle 1-5 or 6-10) 178±10% (ohms)
operating voltage  5 (v)
maximum power load 500 (mW)
durability >10million (cycle)
operating temperature 0~ +70 (ºC)
storage temperature -45 ~+85 (ºC)
fiber type SMF-28  
fiber length 1.0+/-0.1 (m)
dimension(LxWxH) 27.2x12.8x7.5 (mm)


至: 四川梓冠光电科技有限公司
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