Good Quality Profession Easy Use Multifunction Electric Pan Skillet Aluminum Electric Cast Iron Skillet Divider Skillet Patent Screen Control Electric Pan

                                                                          DescriptionPictureItem No.DescriptionsG.W./N.W.PSC/CTNCarton sizeFOB ningbo PriceRemarkLX-CM30 Electric hot pot/skilletModel No.:LX-CM30Caliber size:30X30cmMaterial: die cast aluminum alloyPower:1500w 50-60hzVoltague:110-220vColor box zise.: 45X16.5X34CMPCS/CTN:5pcsCarton size: 85.5X46X36.5CMSell point:1.Environmental safe non-stick coating,more healthy and more convenient! 2.Intelligent temperature control thermostat,do not warry food will be burned! 3.Visual toughened glass lid design, delicious visible! 4.The glass cover with air flow, to prevent food overflow! 5.High temperature resistance silicone handle design , great handle feelling!        6.Whole body with die-casting process, more durable! 7.Hign power double heating tube ,heat faster and more stable. 8.Multi-fuction with fry/boil/saute/stew/bbq function.steamer can be added.Easy use. 9.Coating color and coating pattern can be customized according your differet taste. 10.A new touch screen with temperature display and temperature control function. 11.The ppppot body and base can be separated,more easyer to clean and safer . 12.Patent design ,really suit for TV-shopping and exhibition sell.USAGE1.First using ,Pls preheat in advance without anything and smelling is normal phenomenon.2.Put the barbecue frame to the grill and your favorite food in to the pan ,the barbecue below the oven.3.When barbecue food ,pls mix the food and seasoning.4.Pls control the temperature to avoid the oil splash .And when braking food ,pls cut it into small pieces.5.Pls use the frying pan as much as possible to reduce the splashed and smoke.NOTICE1.Don’t drip water on the switch and the light top shell .or it will be short circuit.2.Don’t use the machine when the power / plug damaged ,but to repair it.3.Don’t let children alone to avoid scalding or accidents.4.Machine can not use charcoal or similar fuel.CLEANING1.Pls don’t use metal material and sharp tools cleaning , avoid scuffing the surface of the frying pan.


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