Adjustable Electric BBQ Grill Korean 3D Infrared Electric Barbecue Grill Smokeless Electric Roaster Oven Indoor Electric Barbecue Grills

Power:1390WVoltage:220-240V 110V-120V,50-60HZMaterial:Hign temperature resistant nylon body,porcelain aluminum plate.Function:Can remove the oil container,overheating protectionAccessory: Round plate:925px/ square plate is availableButton: 5 levels temperature adjustmentLogo : can be customizedCable length :1.4MProtection: fuse1.Hign and reasonable power,with much less time to reach the temperature,for less electricity consume.2.The main part with heat resisting nylon body,stainless steel part,aluminum alloy ovenware,to ensure the more working life with a more health machine.3.The infrared temperature control technology, makes it evenly heated.3D cycling heating,making the food more delicious and perfect4.The Dupont coating,a best non-stick baking pan.1Automatic Filtration tank design,enjoying low fat healthy food5.Stainless steel part for your own logo with laser dealing6.Rotatable anticlockwise shaft with auto power-off design,for not only easier to put food on.37mm dia plate providing different food cooking.7.Five level temperature adjustment,one knob control switch,for different heating time setting.8.Over-heat automatic power off9.No smoke,makes it healthy and eco-friendly.Easy to dismantle and clean,leaving you no worries.


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