Home Used Table Electric Barbecue Grill Table Top Type Desktop Home Use Electric Bbq Grill

                                                                          DescriptionPictureItem No.DescriptionsG.W./N.W.PSC/CTNCarton sizeFOB ningbo PriceRemarkLX-K48Model No.:LX-K68Material: High quality die casting aluminiumProducts size:28x68cmwith double thermal pipePower:1800WFrequency:50-60HZVoltage:110V-240VColor box size:80.5x14.5x31cmPcs/Ctn:3pcsCarton size:82x42x33cmSell point:1.Environmental safe non-stick coating,more healthy and more convenient and easy cleaning!2.Intelligent temperature control thermostat,do not warry food will be burned!3.Whole body with die-casting process without welding point,easy to clean,simple to operate,more security,more durable, the whole body parts can be washed,really suitable for being used in families and restaurants!4.Heating tube is be installed inside of aluminium body,more safety! 5.Feet with higher shelf design and diversion port design ,easy for oil collecting, food more delicious ,appearance more simple!6.Perfect apprience design,make your cooking more fashion and convenient.7.Surface color can be customized,can me colorful coating,point coating,marble ceramic coating...8.No lampblack,energy saving, environmental protection, more healthyUSAGE1.First using ,Pls preheat in advance without anything and smelling is normal phenomenon.2.Put the barbecue frame to the grill and your favorite food in to the pan ,the barbecue below the oven.3.When barbecue food ,pls mix the food and seasoning.4.Pls control the temperature to avoid the oil splash .And when braking food ,pls cut it into small pieces.5.Pls use the frying pan as much as possible to reduce the splashed and smoke. NOTICE1.Don’t drip water on the switch and the light top shell .or it will be short circuit.2.Don’t use the machine when the power / plug damaged ,but to repair it.3.Don’t let children alone to avoid scalding or accidents. 4.Machine can not use charcoal or similar fuel. CLEANING1.Pls don’t use metal material and sharp tools cleaning , avoid scuffing the surface of the frying pan.


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