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Hyperion Optics is a leading optics supplier of photonics products including optical componentslens systems and opto-mechanical assemblies in UV, Visible,NIR, SWIR applications. Our clients spanning across defense, security, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, institutional, industrial and research industries worldwide. We specialize in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) input from rapid prototyping to volume production. Our comprehensive metrology coupled with our cost-effective Philosophy help Hyperion customers obtain a competitive edge in the global market.


Compared to other Chinese vendors, Hyperion has the most experienced engineering team to provide technical backups and consultation for our customer with multi-languages skills, seamless communication is also an advantage. Free consultation for your optical system and preliminary design is also available now!



Optical System Design- Prototyping / Volume Production

Components Manufacturing

Custom Coating

Reverse Engineering

Opto-Mechanical Design and Assembly/ Sub-assembly

Design Consultation & Optimizing


Cutting Edge Advantages

Competitive Pricing

Promising Design Output

In-House Metrology

Full Testing With Cert Documentation

Money Back Warranty




Our engineering team consists of optical, mechanical, quality engineers with expertise in a wide range of imaging applications and technologies, skilled in the design of complex, high resolution, diffraction limited, innovative optical assemblies. Additionally, they have years of experience with imaging optics design, optical alignment methodologies and equipment, opto-mechanical tolerance analysis.


Using state-of-the-art optical/mechanical design software, we ensure that your lens systems are both technically feasible and mechanically manufacturable. By integrating both optical and mechanical designs we ensure the solution built meets all your mechanical and performance specifications. We also ensure lens performance through extensive testing both during manufacturing and after assembly.


Hyperion optics has various range of lens system solutions available, from VIS to IR, we also welcome custom design and prototyping. Our specialty is projection lens, microscope objective lens, SWIR lens, diffraction limit objective lens and fisheye lens. We equipped with interferometer as well as MTF testing station which ensure the products delivered are quantitatively quality assured.



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