Automatic Abrasive Recycling Sand Blasting Booth

Scraper Type Sand Blasting boothQingdao Puhua provides industry with high quality, dependable blast room equipmentScraper conveyor has advantage of high efficiency and energy saving, low failure rate. Compared with screw conveyor mechanical recycling, can reduce the pit depth and reduce civil engineering cost. Compared with air suction type it can save lots of power, reduce machinery cost.The equipment adopts reciprocating type scraper conveyor system, set 3 way scraper groove to avoid the trolley track. Bounce cylinder match reciprocating connecting rod as the power, constantly conveyor abrasive to screw conveyor on the tail end of blasting chamber.The upper of scraper conveyor is steel grilling, avoid the large parts into the scraper groove. And the visual effect is good, easy to remove, easy to maintenance.The pneumatic device of craper conveyor set sensing detection device, can test scraper working condition. Once cylinders damaged or compressed air line fault, suddenly reduce compressed air pressure and other malfunction, can feedback signal to PLC in time, also alarm to remind the operator, ensure equipment safe operation.Industries that require this process include:• Steel Fabricators• Construction Equipment• Railcars• Steel Tanks• Trailers• Oil Field Equipment• Ship BuildingQingdao Puhua offers a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.Sand blasting room compositionMainParts‍SandblastingchamberSand (shot)StorageHopperSandblastingdeviceSeparatorAbrasiverecyclingsystemLightingsystemDustcollectorSteelgrillingTrolleysystemElectriccontrolsystemAbrasive recycling systemParameterRecycling systemManually recyclingSemi-auto recyclingScrew conveyor recyclingScraper recyclingSuctionrecyclingTypeManuallySemi-autoAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticPit requirementNo pitPart little pitDeep pitLittle pit or no pitNo pit or little pitEfficiencyLowLowHighHighHighPower consumeLow powerLow powerMediumMediumHighMaintenance partsLittleLittleMechanical partsScraper and mechanical partsHoneycomb floor partsLabor costMoreMoreLessLessLess

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