Sand Mixer Machine

DescriptionS11 series wheel rolling type sand mixer adopts grinding wheel spring pressure technology. Inside and outside scrapers rolled up sand by stirring it and rotating grinding wheel.Also known as sand roller mill; materials between roller wheel and roller table get grinded and abraded by the relative movement; at the same time, materials get mixed in the sand mixer.The anti-abrasion plate is applied to bottom plate of roller table and outer race of roller wheel in order to prolong the using life.Height of roller wheel to roller table can be self-adjusted so that when runs on rigid materials or on thick material layer, the roller table can be lifted automatically, by doing this the roller table can be protected effectively.Principle of Foundry Sand Muller :Foundry Sand Mixing Machinery is equipped with low-speed scraper with the best combination of rotor speed, sand volume, mixing ability, good overall performance sand.Foundry Sand Mixing Machinery is equipped with diameter base cast stone, tungsten carbide surfacing, fillers and other new materials, greatly improving the life of wearing partsFoundry Sand Mixing Machinery is equipped with latest rotary discharge door open and flexible, reliable and completely solved the problem of sand at the bottom drain.Foundry Sand Mixing Machinery is equipped with symmetric access door opened very convenient for maintenance and cleaning.Foundry Sand Mixing Machinery is used very easy and install steel base.Application area:Rolling wheel  type Sand  mixer machine is mainly used for large and medium-sized foundry sand mixed system, which made in green sand mixing various components, and make cohere agent effectively coated sand in the surface of the equipment.  Sand mixer machine (sand mixer) using grinding wheel and the relative motion , placed on the material between by rolling and the role of the grinding shattered material, sand mixing machine in the crushing of the materials will also be mixed materials.It is the production of unburned brick,refractory bricks, crushed and mixing fly ash, boiler slag, tail slag and industrial waste materials for the ideal equipment.  Technical parametersItem numberDisc diameter(mm)Feeding capacity(kg/s)Productivity(t/h)Power(kw)Spindle speed(rpm)Single-round pressure(N)Machine Weight(kg)S1105500200.1-0.21.5350-1080S1106600400.3-0.52.2350-10100S1108800800.8-1.23350-60350S111010001101.5-2.54350-1100900S111A12301502-45.5410-11001020S111212251503-54-6350-11001237S111314002604-75-6350-12001400S111515003505-611250-12001900S111616004006-711250-12002000S114C18205007-815250-50002600S114D18205007-815250-50002600S1118C18006501522360-60005000S1120J200080015-1822340-80005000S1120D20009002037340-90006500S1122220013002537340-90007800S1124240015003045340-90008000

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