Curcuma oil

English name: Curcuma oil
English synonyms:Curcuma oil TUMERIC OLEORESIN;Turmeric root oil;TURMERIC OLEORESIN;CURCUMA OIL;Curcumalongaoil;Curcumaoil=Turmericoil/Turmerones40-45%;Oils, curcuma;TURMERICRHIZOMESEXTRACTS
CAS number: 8024-37-1
Molecular formula: W99W99
Allocate flavouring essence.Spices; Pigment;
According to the Chinese GB 2760-96 rules can be used as a fruity water, fruit flavor powder, fruit syrup, soda water, mixed liquor, candy, pastry on CaiZhuang, red green silk, canned foods, fruit juice concentrate, plum of coloring agent, the dosage according to normal production needs.GB 2760 a 96 regulations as flavouring agent, GMP;Used for soup, curry powder, artificial butter, cheese, fruit drinks, liqueur, French food, Spanish cuisine, mustard sauce, coloring and flavouring.
Allocate flavouring essence. Is China's traditional folk food colorants, often used for longan skins coloring, also can be used as coffee gel powder and yellow salted turnip and food flavouring and coloring use.Turmeric taste hard, sexual temperature, can invigorate the circulation of blood, qi, normal menstruation, analgesic, can fall hematic fat, treat angina pectoris, stomach and gallstones, more protect liver function; Can be used in all kinds of beverages, mixed liquor, ice lolly, candy, pastry on CaiZhuang, flavor canned class, plum, red green silk, according to production needs moderate use; It can also be used for pickles, bread and cakes, maximum usage for 0.01 g/kg.
Related categories: Natural perfume;Flavors and fragrances;Food additives;Flavouring agent (flavouring agent);Natural extract spices;Edible pigment (stain);Edible pigment and HuSeJi;other organic reagent;Natural Plant ExtractNatural Plant Extract

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