Naringin is the major flavonoid glycoside in grapefruit and gives grapefruit juice the bitter taste, also found in citrus fruits.  It  is metabolized to the flavanone naringenin in humans. Both naringenin and hesperetin, which are the aglycones of naringin and hesperidin, occur naturally in citrus fruits. Naringin exerts a variety of pharmacological effects such as antioxidant activity, blood lipid lowering, anticancer activity, and inhibition of selected drug metabolizing cytochrome P450 enzymes, including CYP3A4 and CYP1A2, which may result in drug interactions in vivo.





Botanical Source:Citrus paradisi Macf 

Part Used:Peel Active Ingredient: Naringin

Assay: 98% HPLC

CAS No.:10236-47-2Mol. Formula: C27H32O14

Appearance: pale yellow /off-white fine powder



Functions1.Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-mutation, anti-carcinogen. 2.Hypotensive activity, function as urogastrone, alleviating pain. 3.Tranquilizing, lowering blood viscosity , reduce the emerge of the thrombus.  4.Improving partial microcirculation of nourishment, preventing and curing cardiovascular disease.   

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