Morinda Officinalis

Morinda Officinalis
Appearance:Brown powder or off-white powder
Functions: To remforce the kidney yang, to strengthen the tendons and the bones, and to relieve rheumatic conditions.
Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis is an herbal combination made from two types of the the morinda plant. Morinda Citrifolia and Officinalis has been used for hundreds of years to support the entire body treating a wide range of symptoms, including poor digestion, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and immune deficiencies.
Morinda Citrifolina and Officinalis is beneficial for relieving constipation, digestive disorders, as well as, kidney and bladder problems. In addition, Morinda Citrifolina and Officinalis may be used to soothe backaches, bruises, sore eyes and even toothaches.
Indications: Impotence, seminal emission, infertility, menstrual disorders, pain and cold feeling in the lower abdomen; rheumatic arthralgia; limpness of the legs.

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