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Royal Kay Performance Equipmentis a company with Economical Aluminum truss manufacturers,Crowd Barriersandevent tent factory as the main business. We are committed to providing quality service of Aluminum Trussx1ae29c6n. Royal Kay Performance Equipmentwas established in 10 years ago, As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, Royal Kay Performance Equipmenhas established a high reputation for superior quality and expertise in Crowd control barrier Supplierfield

   Royal Kay Performance Equipment adhere to the continuous technical innovation , continue to create ROYAL KAY value for our customers.Royal Kay Performance Equipmen have branches in,,, and other cities , and all staff focus on Round aluminum truss products of the well-known brands industry innovation and development;and we rely on the growing of Quality and quantity guaranteed Truss Accessories innovative practice ability to win the majority of customers trust and cooperation. details:
Product name:PIPE AND DRAPE 2.0

Product Description:

Pipe and Base 2.0 is the latest innovation in pipe and base technology for supporting event drapery and signage,which includes Adjustable Uprights,Crossbars,Steel Bases and fire retardant drapes. We make event set up a snap with quick and easy installation which can be used with existing hardware.Pipe and Drape 2.0 systems and DIY parts are available to upgrade your current pipe and drape kits.This simple,functional,and incredibly durable system will save labor, reduce injuries,eliminates the need to replace or repair your uprights.Pipe and Drape 2.0 is available as a retrofit to your existing pipe, so there is no need to replace your current inventory.Black powder coated finishes are available.


1.No curtain tears, no pipe maintenance,this is the most obvious advantage.You will never again have a tear in your upright due to the hook acting like a can opener down your slotted upright.

2.Saving time and quick assemble.Faster set up and reduce times (as much as 40% time savings on every job).

3.Double thrust collar allows for multiple tier height adjustments and exact positioning.

4.Greater stability due to a solid connection that is closer to the center of the upright rather than along the outer edge like with the old hook and slot system. This means less chances of accidental disconnection when the drape is at full height.

5.Super durable design for special events, trade shows, etc.

6.Size and color can be customized according to your special request.

Product Dimensions:


5' - 8' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (1.5-2.4m)

6' - 10' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (1.8-3m)

7' - 12' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.1-3.6m)

8' - 14' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.4-4.2m)

9' - 16' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (2.7-4.8m)

10' - 18' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (3-5.4m)

11' - 20' Adjustable Upright , Two-Piece pipe / (3.3-6m)


5' - 8' Crossbar(stops at 8')/ (1.5 - 2.4 m )

6' - 10' Crossbar(stops at 8' & 10')/ (1.8 - 3 m )

7' - 12' Crossbar(stops at 10' & 12')/ (2.1 - 3.6 m )

8' - 14' Crossbar(stops at 10', 12' & 14')/ (2.4 - 4.2 m )

9' - 16' Crossbar(stops at 12', 14' & 16')/ (2.7 - 4.8 m )


Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,420*400*5mm,painted

Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,450*450*5mm,painted

Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,500*500*5mm,painted

Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,500*500*8mm, painted

Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,450*450*10mm,painted

Standard Base Plate,Slip-fit,400*400*12mm,painted




Component:100% Cotton

Application:stage curtain,stage backdrop,stage skirt,pipe and drape fabric

Features:Fire-Retardant,no light reflection, sound absorption,pure color,crease resistant. The best curtain of the world--Velvet,the fabric is interwoven with cotton,compact villus structure,diaphragmation,heavy grams,nature drapery,stable,uniform colors,these make the curtain great,we called the best drapery.




Component:100% Polyester

Application:stage curtains,wedding backdrop decoration,stage skirt,pipe and drape curtain

Features:Fire-Retardant,full toughness,cheaper price,soft surface.


This product can mix hundreds of color by DMX controller, not only hung on the ceiling, but also can make as a wall, very fit for wedding and some fashion show.

Features:Size desgin by customer,digital controller,preset nice programs,DMX512 & sound active,slave-master,strong 5 pins connection,SMPS swich power can fit any voltage,fireproof flannel cloth and humanization design.

Application: Wall covers,stage covers,stage backdrops,star cloth booths,DJ booths,star ceiling cloths,star cloth drapes.

Pipe And Drape Applications:

The pipe and drape can be used in different events,such as wedding,trade show,stage drops,conference backdrop,division room,dressing rooms,traffic control,room reduction,wall decoration,concealment,etc.You can see the pipe and drape 2.0 has a big rang of usage.


Standard carton,flight case,aluminum cart

Our service:

Quick respond within 24 hours for your inquery

Providing professional suggestions

Free design

Sample is available before mass production

High standard quality control

Logistics and delivery

Quality after-sales service

   With the rapid development of business simultaneously, Royal Kay Performance Equipmen always keeps the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaching great importance to the training and shaping of core competitiveness. The company will take customer service value as the core competitiveness of enterprises. Adhering to spirit of enterprise:acting with integrity , pursuit of excellence, respect for the individual , Royal Kay Performance Equipmenstrives to provide customers with Wholesale prices Truss Accessories. More details in the Royal Kay Performance Equipmenofficial website:

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