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Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limitedhas a group of high-quality, experienced, responsibility, in particular actual combat experience professionals of cnc milling company. Our customers all over the country and overseas ,with its unique geographical advantage and comprehensive diversified information channels, Our companys main business scope : digital lathe turning parts, cnc parts,, and so on.

   Innovation is the cornerstones of Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limiteds success. In the future, Tianyang also hope to continue to innovate, for the majority of customers to provide cnc milling companyservice. Over the years, Tianyang always believe that only adhere to innovation and professional, in order to better meet customer demand for The most powerful cnc machining parts. details:
Hinder the development of hardware and accessories industry

The following are the factors that restrict the development of the hardware accessories industry
1, the leading effect.
In a specific environment, a particular technology or brand is leading to the other enterprises in the same industry, which will inevitably lead to the development of the whole enterprise. For example, hardware locks, hardware locks in the hardware market may be everywhere, there is no brand brand, in short, once a hardware lock dragons and fishes jumbled together. The company has an advanced patented technology, such as the invention of a new product, with the new products on the market and obtain good economic benefits, the leading the products will promote the development of the whole enterprise hardware lock, and the same industry priority success has taken a big step.
2. The locking effect.
When users transfer from one brand technology to another brand technology, it will pay a certain cost for this kind of transfer. When the transfer cost is too high and the user is prohibitive, the user is in a state of lock. When a high-tech product has been developed successfully and won the market, it can easily grasp the future market and take the initiative in the fierce competition. This is also applied in hardware market. First, invest. Because the cost of hardware is too high, it will be deterred by users. But once the hardware product is approved, this hardware product will lead the industry and promote the development of the industry. 3, Matthew effect
This is a time for a winner to eat, and the rich have more resources - money, honor, and status, but the poor have nothing to do. The poor, the rich richer. A person who has many friends, with frequent exchanges to make more friends, and the lack of friends, often all alone; the reputation of the people, there will be more publicity, therefore, will be more famous.
4, gear effect.
If the large enterprises do not develop, the small enterprises are far behind the development. Gear effect also applies in the hardware market, some large enterprises in resources, money, contacts, information and other aspects have the advantage, once developed, will step forward; and the small enterprises because of funding, personnel, information and other resources limited development is relatively slow, or even stop. Such large enterprises are more and more surpassing small enterprises in the same industry, and gradually become the leader of the industry. 5, aggregation effect.
The more outstanding and well funded companies, the more the banks want to give it, this is the accumulation of funds. Under the financial crisis, some large hardware enterprises outstanding achievement, once the funding problems, whether through a bank or other company's shares will be appropriate to alleviate the current difficulties, will be easier to gather funds; some small hardware enterprises once encountered financial problems is almost can't do anything. Chinalco invested 19 billion 500 million dollars in Rio Tinto, and the highest record of overseas investment by Chinese companies was renewed by Chinalco.
6. Scale effect.
When the enterprise production reaches or exceeds the balance point of profit and loss, it forms the scale benefit. Because any production is cost, generally including fixed cost and variable cost. To achieve profitability, we must make the sales income is greater than the cost of production, but the fixed cost is the same, so the production of the more fixed cost allocation to a single product in less profit profit more>

   Shenzhen Tianyang Precision Limited and cnc milling company,precision machined partsx1fb1146nhave enjoyed great popularity and trust by the majority of customers. We dedicate to strict implementation of quality management system and practical effort on quality control. To set up an idea of quality as foundation, credibility of reputation, customer first , we forge ahead and relentlessly pursuit of quality improvement. For more information, please visit the official website:

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