Dimethomorph 50% WP


1.High grade fungicide, destroy the formation of cell wall membranes, have effects on various stages of harmful bacteria, particularly sensitive to the formation of spores and oospores. Perform good at low concentrations.
2.The inhibitory effect is not cross-resistance with phenylamide pesticides.
3.Fast-acting, extremely effective against diseases such as downy mildew, blight disease, etc.

Regestered target

Plant Target disease Dosage Method
Cucumber Downy mildew 225-375g/ha Spray


Precaution stage 16g for a barrel water; disease stage 25g a barrel water; dilute 1:3000, spray.


16g*500BAG/CARTON; 25g*400BAG/CARTON; 100g*100BAG/CARTON

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