51305890-175 | Honeywell |MC-TAMT04 Low Level

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51305890-175 | Honeywell |MC-TAMT04 Low Level 
51305890-175 | Honeywell |MC-TAMT04 Low Level 


      • Manufacturer: Honeywell

      • 51305890-175

      • MC-TAMT04

      • LL Mux TC FTA

      • Circuits: 16

      • Size : 12

      • Parameter: FTA Models(1)

      • Specs: Low Level Input Multiplexer

      • TC operation

      • Remote cold junction capability

      • 1 Second PV scanning with OTD protection

      • Configurable OTD protection

      • 64 fully-isolated channel-to-channel, channel-to-PM, and channel-to-power supply common in 16 channel increments.

      • CE compliant, conformally coated

      • Solid State

      • Temperature points can be added in 16 point increments

      • Shipping Weight : 3 Kg


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