6ES5312-3AB31 Siemens S5 IM312

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Model Number 6ES5312-3AB31 Siemens S5 IM312 
Place of Origin GERMANY
Brand Name siemens
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Delivery Time 3-5days
Supply Ability In stock/ship today
Description 6ES5312-3AB31 Siemens S5 IM312 


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Best Price,High Quality,Professional Service,Fast Delivery,Large in Stock

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Quick response:24/7 Online Service

Quick supply:large in stock,ship today

PACKING: Packing is factory seal

SHIPPING: By sea,by air or by express

Warranty : Fully serviced, tested & cleaned / 1-2 year Warranty

Lead time: 1-2 working days



6ES5947-3UR21 Siemens S5 CPU947R Processor Module
6ES5948-3UA11 Siemens S5 CPU948 Processor Module
6ES5948-3UR23 Siemens S5 CPU948R Central Processing Unit
6ES5314-3UA11 Siemens S5 IM314 Interface Module
6ES5430-4UA13 Siemens S5 Digital Input Module
6ES5431-7LA11 Siemens S5 Digital Input Module
6ES5451-4UA13 Siemens S5 Digital Output Module
6ES5465-4UA12 Siemens S5 Analog Input Module
6ES5470-4UA12 Siemens S5 Analog Output Module


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