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   Shenzhen JOAN Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company inAndroid barcode scanner,Rugged mobile computerx31b9c76n. Since its inception,with innovative technology,advanced management,high-quality service,we won the majority of customer recognition.The companys core values are:either do not do,or do Rugged smart service really well


Shenzhen JOAN Technology Co., Ltd have High quality Android barcode scanner,RFID reader Introduction,RFID reader Related introduction,Easy to use RFID reader,Android barcode scanner Connection method,RFID reader location and other areas of expertise, combined with excellent service capabilities, To provide customers with professional, customized Data collector. Moreover, since the establishment of a long time ago,the Data collectorbusiness of Junan Hongtu has always maintained a high-speed and stable growth. details: The RFID reader brings convenience to the sales of many goods. The barcode on each product is equivalent to the specific ID card of the product. It can be traced back to the comprehensive information of the products in the production and sales of the product, which brings great convenience. Therefore, many purchasing departments will purchase the most stable RFID reader for long-term use in order to facilitate the use, but in order to make the RFID reader have a longer service life, it is necessary to pay attention to the following contents during daily maintenance:1. The power cord is grounded. In order to prevent damage to the print head and the machine board due to excessive static electricity accumulation and abnormal voltage fluctuations, the power supply line of the RFID reader must be grounded at the same time. The printer cannot be plugged and unplugged. The hot plug is easy to burn out the printer. Motherboard. Turn off the power before plugging in and out the data cable. 2. Clean the sensor. Cleaning the RFID reader is part of daily maintenance. Especially when cleaning the sensor, it must be cleaned once a month. However, when cleaning the sensor, be careful not to use a brush or It is a sharp object to scrape. It is best to use a blower to blow off the dust magazine on the sensor. The specific operation method can be demonstrated according to the operation on the manual.

   The integrity, strength and prodzationuct quality of Shenzhen JOAN Technology Co., Ltdhas gain highly industry recognition. Welcome friends from all walks of life come for visit, guidance and business negotiations. For more information please visit:

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