4-Bromocinnamic acid

4-Bromocinnamic acid

CAS No.: 1200-07-3

Properties :white crystalline powder

Purity :98 percent

Packaging:kept sealed

Storage method:

stored at -20°C with a cool, dry place, ensuring good ventilation or exhaust in the workshop and keep away from incompatible substances such as oxidizing agents

Usage :

It is usually used as the raw material to make the aroma of the main spice more aromatic and volatile. The anti - mildew and antiseptic sterilization of cinnamic acid can be used to preserve freshness and antisepsis in grain, vegetable and fruit. It has no toxic and side effects on human body. Cinnamic acid is an effective inhibitor of A-5491 human lung adenocarcinoma cells. In the agricultural industry, cinnamic acid is used as growth promoter and long-term fungicide for antisepsis of fruits and vegetables. Cinnamic acid can be used in beauty.

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