Cinnamyl Formate

Cinnamyl Formate

CAS No.: 104-65-4

Properties: colorless to pale yellow clear liquid


Packaging: 200kg /plastic barrel

Usage:Cinnamyl formate is a kind of flavor and fragrance chemical compounds, which is an α,β-unsaturated ester that can be used as a flavoring agent and a fragrance ingredient. Generally, it used as edible spices, which is mainly used to prepare flavors such as strawberries, raspberries, peaches, bananas, and spices. It also can be used 6.9~9.1mg/kg in producing candy, ice cream and ice food.1.3mg/kg in making soft drink. It's also widely used in daily chemical products. Cinnamyl format used in the following products: air care products, biocides (e.g. disinfectants, pest control products), perfumes and fragrances, polishes and waxes and cosmetics and personal care products. This substance is used by consumers, by professional workers (widespread uses), in formulation or re-packing and at industrial sites.

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