Superabsorbent for Agriculture

The demand of conserving water resources is increasing along with the shortage of water resources all over the world. As one of the leading Superabsorbent manufacturers in China, SINOFLOCproducts have been widely used as water retention and water retaining agent in agriculture filed.

Superabsorbent, as the high molecular synthetic product, which can absorb water of hundreds of times of its weight in a short time and form granule formations in the soil to enhance its ventilating ability. Moreover, the superabsorbent as the water-insoluble polymer does not pollute the soil or natural resources because of its characters of super polymerization, non-toxic, non-irritating and non-corrosive. When adding SINOFLOC products to soil, it can swell and retain water near the crops root areas, and release the water readily as the soil drying, which makes them perfect superabsorbent polymers in agriculture.

Benefits of SINOFLOC Superabsorbent

Widely used in agriculture, forest and municipal gardening. These products could form a micronutrient reservoir around crops roots, with better water retention function.

Reduced water usage. The products will make the irrigation more efficient and decrease water usage.

Could be used in drought season, dry land and desert. The products could prevent soil to be harden and make soil loosed to promote the soil nutrients and increase crops output.

Could be applied together with fertilizer, pesticide. The products could make them release slowly and more efficient for the fertilizer pesticide and pesticide. The loss of soil nutrients will be decreased.

SINOFLOChas become a leading manufacturer and supplier of water-soluble polymers in China. We offer cationic polymer polydadmac, oilfield chemicals, etc. If you want to know the details of organic coagulants water treatment, Contact us.

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