ABB DCS 3BSE013234R1 TU830V1

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Product description

For the switching and control of lighting systems, heating, ventilation, pumps, heat pumps and other building automation systems. Devices for panel mounting on mounting rails (35 mm) according to DIN EN 60715. Depth of assembly: 58 mm. Gray. Magnetic drive without hum, silent switching, switching position indication, integrated coil circuit, mountable auxiliary switch, coil overvoltage protection up to 5 kV, high switching capacity and long service life, fast clamping with push button pressure, large connections with open-frame terminals, contact protection according to VDE 0106 part 100. The nominal operating voltage is 440 V. The nominal operating current is 24 A. The rated operating voltage is 230 V. The supply voltage is AC. The operating voltage type is AC / DC. With 4 contacts. With 0 opening contacts. Maximum capacity: Charge of the incandescent lamp: 1000 W. Fluorescent lamp charge: 700 VA. Maximum capacity: Fluorescent lamp charge (double circuit): 1400 VA. Maximum capacity: Fluorescent lamp. Lead-acid battery voltage for the buffer of ABB I Bus® system to work for average network time periods for min. 10 minutes (full load) connection via standard 4-core cable.

Electrification Products

The Electrification Products division manufactures low- and medium-voltage electrical products, including electric vehicle infrastructuresolar inverters, modular substationsdistribution automation; products to protect people, installations and electronic equipment from electrical overload such as enclosures,cable systems and low-voltage circuit breakers; measuring and sensing devices, control products, switches and wiring accessories. The division further makesKNX systems that integrate and automate a building's electrical installations, ventilation systems, and security and data communication networks. Electrification Products also incorporates an Electrification Solutions unit manufacturing low voltage switchgear and motor control centres. Customers include a wide range of industry and utility operations, plus commercial and residential buildings.

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ABB: 1) AC800M series controller I/O module2) AC800F series controller module3) AC31 series controller module4) 800xA series modules5) Bailey INFI 90 module6) DSQC robot module spare parts7) Advant OCS system spare parts

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#SLS1C20 New Copper Wire 16 AWG 12 Cond. #11029MO

#SLS1C20 New Copper Wire 12 Cond.12 AWG #11081MO

#SLS1C20 NEW Copper Wire 16 AWG 12 Cond. #11103MO

SLS1F53 Deltronic Pin Plug Gauge 1/2 Thou Set #12051WT

#SLS1D32 Twin Pump Hydraulic Power Unit 2pcs 1 HP #6649LR

#SLS1F511 Allen-Bradley Isolated AC Output Module Cat# 1771-ODC #10160MO

#SLS1C23 MARPOSS 8304850010 6830311203 #650SO

#SLS1F511 NEW A-B Allen Bradly Limit Switch 802X-WS4 #6809LR

#SLS1B14New Fusetron Dual Element Tim-Delay Fuse FRS-R-60AMP LotOf 3PCS 14137ELL

#SLS1B14 New Merlin Gerin 3 Pole CB Cat-60181 25AMP 13480ELL

#SLS1F52 New Adaptor Parer 8-8GTX-B Pipe Adaptor OCS91314 Lot Of 2 PCS 12453LR

#SLS1F55 Busch Vacuum Pump SV1016 B000 IHXX #6913SL

#SLS1C23 Sola 24VDC Power Supply-SDP2-24-?100 *1435082* 327-27A 12500LR

#SLS1B12 Lincoln Remanufactured Electric Motor 1 HP 1770 RPM #11503WT

#SLS1B14 New Ross Valve model# 8077A3904 #8190MO

#SLS1C23 SCHMERSAL EOT Laser Scanner LSS 300-2110 Light Guard #636WT

#SLS1F573 Kawasaki Robot PCB. 9ZA-51 9ZA-11 9ZA-41 50999-1091R19 #7742LR

#SLS1B12 New U.S. Electrica Elec Motor 5.06 HP 1750 RPM #9295LR

#SLS1C20 New West Penn Wire Corp. 22 AWG 1 Pair Electrical Wire #11229MO

#SLS1F574 Nachi AC Servo Motor MFMA552D5V3 #10091LR

#SLS1H77 Adaptive Micro System Programming Sign 14605LR

#SLS1B12 Delco AC Motor 125 HP 1110 RPM model# N9906TD #7969MO

#SLS1B12 Delco AC Electric Motor 100HP 1125RPM 14615LR

SLS1H77 Valve Lubricator #11878SY

#SLS1B12 Siemens Motor 6.3KW With Brake 3~Mot 1LA7130-4AA10-2 14364ELL

#SLS1B14 New Merlin Gerin 3 Pole Cat-24998 13479ELL

#SLS1B14 Ecamat 400 New Evt002 Ad0gh040vas0010?e04 12596EL

#SLS1C23 New Telemecanique Cat-RM4 4A33MW 13577ELL

#SLS1F56 New Watts Regulator - Repair Kit SKU# 0887134 RK 009MI CK2 #10083LR

#SLS1F574 Medar Printed Circuit Board Medar# 7850-2 #10112LR

#SLS1B14 New Moeller Motor Contactor Cat-DILEM-10-G 13077EL

#SLS1F521 New Ross Valve P/N-2773B6011 14872MO

#SLS1B14 New Meltric Receptical 208V MEL 3314167 Decontactor 12993EL

SLS1E41 TangI-Flow Auto Retract Type AR/OOM 1 Inch Diameter TA312M A127INK

#SLS1C21 Indramat Servo Power Supply KDV 1.3-100-220/3 #7101SO

SLS1C20 New LAPPKABEL STUTTGART OLFLEX 190 Elec.Wire 6 AWG / 5 Cond. #11759LR

#SLS1B14 New Electro Cam Corp.Model-EC-3?312-10-AD0-S-MP?K 14407ELL

#SLS1B14 New T Factor Part-3705E2T30N 14526ELS

#SLS1B14 New Remke NN-21-BK Hub size 3/4" 100pcs One Price 12768EL

#SLS1B14 New Square D Pressure Switch/Interrup?tor GAW-25 #9605LR

#SLS1A1 Riser #9650LR

#SLS1J83 New Linear Guide Block Bearing Rail New 25" #530

#SLS1AO Peninsular Inc. Clyinder CP11500 #11388MO

#SLS1C23 CCS Illuminator #541WT

#SLS1C20 New APEX 16 AWG MTW Electrical Wire #11233MO

#SLS1F511 Resistor Pack Allen-Bradley 160-BMB1 1/2 - 1 HP #7625SO

#SLS1G68 New GM Radio CD 10339198 Upper Level CD Player 15887275 In Box 868NAD

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