What Is the Difference Between Fully Refined Paraffin Wax and Semi-refined Paraffin Wax? What Is It

What is fully refined paraffin wax? The fully refined paraffin waxmanufacturer in China Jinyu international will introduce it for you. Fully refined paraffinis also called refined white wax. Its products have high melting point, low oil content, no adhesion, no sweat, no greasy feeling, good waterproof, moisture-proof and electrical insulation at room temperature. It has deep refinement, low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, chemical stability and light, good thermal stability, strong toughness, good plasticity, white color, no mechanical impurities and water, no smell. Fully refined paraffin is soluble in: benzene, ether, chloroform, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, turpentine, petroleum, fixed oils. The fully refined paraffin wax manufacturerin China Jinyu international produces the high quality paraffin wax and provides the high quality service for the general customers. Applications: It is mainly used in high-frequency porcelain, carbon paper, crayon paper, precision casting, decorative sound-absorbing board and other products, and is also used in packaging, electronics, textiles, candles crayon, match manufacturing and other industries. In addition, it is used in the manufacture of high - grade candles and a variety of industrial and civil candle products raw materials and additives, modifiers. Production method: Fully refined paraffin waxrefers to the product obtained from oily wax as raw material, deoiling by perspiration or solvent, and then refining by clay or hydrotreating.

Notes: 1. The storage area shall be well ventilated with appropriate temperature and sunlight is strictly prohibited. 2. Store paraffin away from fire sources. 3. The heating temperature should not be too high during use to avoid oxidation

The difference between fully refined paraffin wax and semi-refined paraffin wax

The main function of paraffin wax in our country is to produce candles. The melting point is mainly suitable for different seasons. High melting point is suitable for high temperature season and low melting point is suitable for low temperature season. The main difference between fully refined paraffin wax and semi-refined paraffin wax is the oil content. The oil content of fully refined paraffin wax is less than 0.8% and that of semi-refined paraffin wax is less than 1.8%. The price difference is about 50 yuan/ton. Domestic candle factories mainly use semi-refined paraffin as raw materials, while domestic exports to the international market are mainly fully refined paraffin.

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