Filter Tester MFP Nano Plus 4000

MFP Nano Plus 40000 with U-SMPS Real-time determination of fraction separation efficiency with two UF-CPC in raw and clean gas;
MFP  filter test rigs from Qinsun have already proved themselves many times over all around the world in practical applications in development and quality control. The MFP Nano Plus 4000 is specially designed for clear determination of the separation efficiency of HEPA and ULPA filter media in accordance with DIN EN 1822-3 and ISO 29463-3. In the form of the U-SMPS , a modern and powerful nano particle measuring device with a measurement range from 5nm to 1um is used for particle size and quantity analysis. Measurement  of the separation efficiency at a specific size is performed in real-time with the MFP Nano Plus 4000 and a UF-CPC condensation particle counter in both the raw and clean gas.
Real-Time measurement of the fraction separation efficiency in the MFP Nano Plus 4000 offers the following special advantage.
By measuring the particle concentration in the raw and clean gas , the measuring time for determining the fraction separation efficiency is halved.
Combining two UF-CPC versions the UF-CPC for the highest concentrations up to 2000000 Particles/cm3(single count mode) in the raw gas and the UF-CPC 50 for top counting rates at low concentrations in the clean gas ,corresponds to dilution factor of 1:200 Conventional aerosol dilution is therefore no longer necessary.
With the aid of the universal aerosol generator UGF 2000 Defined aerosol distributions matched to the MMPS range can be produced with DEHS or Salt (NaCl/KCl)
The  largely automated setup of the test sequence together with the clearly defined individual components and the individually adjustable sequence programs of the filter test software FTControl combine to deliver the high reliability of our measurement results.
The MFP filter test rig is a modular filter system for flat filter media and small minifilters.
Pressure loss curves, fraction separation efficiency or burden can be determined within a very period of time-both reliable and cost –effectively.
 Quality in Detail
 Variable aerosol generation with the UGF 2000 for KCl / NaCl or DEHS. Integrated Nafion drying system. The volume flow for the aerosol generation is individually regulated via mass flow controllers.
Quality in Detail
 Aerosol neutralization: Krypton source Kr-85-370 or Soft x-ray Charger XRC 370
Corona discharge (optional): Adjustable ion stream for different mass flows. Mixed air, adjustable for inflow speeds from 1.5 to 40 cm/s. Monitoring and control are implemented via mass flow controllers.
Mobile pneumatic filter holder for fast removal and loading of the test rig with integrated DEMC 2000 (Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier).
The DEMC 2000 (Differential Electrical Mobility Classifier) contained in the U-SMPS classifies the particle size of the polydisperse aerosol generated with the UGF 2000. Only monodisperse particles are contained downstream of the DEMC 2000. The relevant size is automatically regulated by the DEMC 2000 control unit.
Raw gas measurement for number distribution with UF-CPC 200 for high concentrations
To measure the particle number in the raw gas, the UF-CPC 200 condensation particle counter is used for particle counting up to 2,000,000 particles/cm3 in single count mode. This means that no dilution system is needed for raw gas measurement in very high concentrations. 
Lengthy or complex cleaning of the systems is not required.
Clean gas measurement for number distribution with UF-CPC 50 for low concentrations
The "full flow" UF-CPC 50 is optimised for low particle concentrations (single count mode up to 10,000 particles/cm3) in the clean gas. The entire sampling volume flow is fully analysed in "full flow" particle measurement in the UF-CPC. This means that very high counting rates can be achieved at low particle concentrations in the clean gas.
The filter test software FTControl controls the U-SMPS and evaluates the data.
Adjustment of the aerosol distribution to the MPPS range
Through suitable adjustment of the solution concentration, the generated particle size distribution is matched to the relevant MPPS range in the MFP Nano plus 4000.

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