Corosolic acid

English name:Corosolic acid

Source: Banaba extract (commonly known as Barnabas, abundant in the Philippine Islands). Specifications: 2% ;3%,20%,30%,98% HPLC, the corosolic acid-basic nature of Introduction, Corosolic acid (corosolic acid), the the 2α-hydroxyursolic acid (2-alpha-hydroxyursolic of acid) Product name: plant insulin.

Physical&Chemical properties:The corosolic acid is a kind of white amorphous powder (methanol), was dissolved in petroleum ether, benzene, chloroform, pyridine and other organic solvents and insoluble in water, can be dissolved in hot ethanol, and methanol. Under anhydrous conditions with a strong acid (sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, perchloric acid), strong acid (TCA) or Lewis's acid (zinc chloride, aluminum trichloride, antimony trichloride) role, there will be color reaction or fluorescent.

Corosolic acid pharmacological effects:
in vivo experimental results show that the the corosolic acid by excited glucose transporter, promote cell uptake and utilization of glucose, in order to achieve its hypoglycemic effect. The corosolic acid glucose transporter excitatory effects similar insulin corosolic acid is also known as plant insulin. Animal experiments showed corosolic acid in normal rats and hereditary diabetic mice showed a significant hypoglycemic effect. Corosolic acid weight loss, clinical studies have found to be able to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels after taking the drug, with the obvious weight loss trend (average monthly weight loss 0.908-1.816Kg), the process is relatively slow and do not need to go on a diet. The corosolic acid also has a variety of other biological activity, with significant inhibition of TPA-induced inflammatory response, and its anti-inflammatory effect is stronger than the commercially available anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin; also has a DNA polymerase inhibitory activity as well as inhibit the growth of various tumor cells


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