Usb Plug Charger

Hot Selling LED Screen Car Charger Dual USB Universal In-vehicle Charger for Mobile Devices
Model JinHam-JH58
Input DC12V-24V
Output DC5V 3.4A
Color Black, White
Net Weight 28g
Size 40*20*70
Warranty 12 Months
1. With 3.4A real output, rapid charging.
2. Over-load, Over-voltage, Over-heated, over-current and short circuit protection.
3. ABS+PC fireproof material.
4. Compatible with i/smart/most mobile s.
Our Advantages:
1. Professional manufacturer for chargers with 7 years experience.
2. New sleeve design , new PCB board, smart IC protection, private mould.
3. Direct factory supply, high quality with best price.
4. Fast delivery, with 1 year warranty.
5. CE,FCC,RoHS approved.
6. OEM/ODM service available.


至: ShenZhen JinHam Electronic Co.,Ltd
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