factory direct high purity L-Carnitine

factory direct high purity L-Carnitine

product Name L(-)-Carnitine
Synonyms L-(-)-Carnitine; 3-Hydroxy-4-(trimethylammonio)butanoate; Vitamin BT; L-Carnitine; Levocarnitinep; L-Carnitine Base; (D)L-Carnitine
Molecular Formula C7H15NO3
Molecular Weight 161.2
InChI InChI=1/C7H15NO3/c1-8(2,3)5-6(9)4-7(10)11/h6,9H,4-5H2,1-3H3/t6-/m1/s1
CAS Registry Number 541-15-1
EINECS 208-768-0
Brief Introduction: A derivative of the amino acid lysine, required for the transport of fatty acids into mitochondria for oxidation. There is no evidence that it is a dietary essential for human beings, since it can readily be formed in the body, although there is some evidence that increased intake may enhance the work capacity of muscles. It is a dietary essential for some insects, and was at one time called vitamin BT.
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