Emerson KJ4001X1-CC1

Emerson   KJ4001X1-CC1

Name:Addy Lee 
:0086 18050035546 

Advantage Brands: 
---Invensys Foxboro(FBM203,FBM204,FBM217,FMB231...) 
---Invensys Triconex(3008,3625,3508E.3721,3700A 4351B...) 
---Westinghouse:OVATIONN system, WDPF system, WESStation system card. 
---Modicon: Quantum 140 Series processor, control card, Power module and so on. 
---Rockwell Allen-Bradley: Reliance, SLC500/1747/1746, MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764, CompactLogix/1769/1768,Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/17 , 60/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785 and etc. 
---Motorola: MVME162, MVME167, MVME1772 and MVME177 series. 
---GE FANUC: Module, card, drive various kinds of spare parts,etc. 
---Yaskawa: Servo controller, servo motor, servo driver, etc. 
---Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I/O module, PLC controller, drive module. 
---Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK15 digital controller. 
---ABB: Advant OCS, ABB MOD 30/MODCELL, ABB MOD 300, ABB Procontic, ABB Procontrol 
---Moore APACS, Moore Panel Controllers 
---Siemens Iskamatic 

IC693ACC300     IC693ACC301     IC693ACC302
IC693ACC303     IC693ACC305     IC693ACC306
IC693ACC307     IC693ACC308     IC693ACC309
IC693ACC310     IC693ACC311     IC693ACC312
IC693ACC313     IC693ACC315     IC693ACC316   
IC693ACC317     IC693ACC318     IC693ACC319
IC693ACC320     IC693ACC328     IC693ACC329
IC693ACC330     IC693ACC331     IC693ACC332
IC693ACC333     IC693ACC334     IC693ACC335
IC693ACC336     IC693ACC337     IC693ACC338
IC693ACC341     IC693ACC350     IC693ACC760
IC693ADC311     IC693ALG220     IC693ALG220
IC693ALG221     IC693ALG222     IC693ALG223
IC693ALG390     IC693ALG391     IC693ALG392
IC693ALG442     IC693APU300     IC693APU301
IC693APU302     IC693APU305     IC693BEM320
IC693BEM321     IC693BEM331     IC693CBK001
IC693CBK002     IC693CBK003     IC693CBK004
IC693CBL300     IC693CBL301     IC693CBL302
IC693CBL303     IC693CBL304     IC693CBL305


至: 新能源自动化有限公司
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