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   andLEDT8 Tubeof TG Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltdis favored by the majority of customers love, We have established long-term cooperation with many partner, Outdoor Fixtures,CERoHSCertificationx1a1a6a6nfrom TGmeet the needs of our customers. TGstrength,abide by contract, keep faith, take quality and credit of contract,obtained the customer trust and praise.

   TG Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltdis committed to the continuous improvement of theLEDservice, become a society, customers, shareholders and employees long-term trust of the company. Our Company adhering to pirit of for the sake of customers, and win-win with customers , and through TG staff continuous innovation and development to provide first-class Stable performance 347VHigh Bay,Good prospects Outdoor Fixtures,480vhigh baywatch cast,High performance-cost LEDT8 Tube for enterprises , is what we have been working for. Details:LED bulbs and energy-saving lamps which is good Although energy-saving lamps have more advantages than incandescent, but compared to LED bulbs, it has shown a backward, I believe in the near future, there will be more families will use LED bulbs. Next, we walked into the world of these two lamps. First look at the LED bulb. This is a new type of light bulb, it is light-emitting diodes, it can be converted into electrical energy, make it into light, in this conversion process, LED bulbs to achieve a larger range of projection, and no stroboscopic phenomenon, so It will not cause harm to people's eyes. LED bulb power is also very large, a fifteen watts of power LED bulb brightness, can be comparable to a 40 watts of fluorescent lamp, so it will make it more power, and more convenient. LED bulb Second, but also to understand the energy-saving lamps, some people also called it a power-saving light bulbs, this light bulb developed in the seventies of last century, is introduced by Philips, it should be said that at that time in the world is a very important The invention. It is a lamp above, the following is the lamp, the interface is similar to the incandescent lamp, but it can be directly installed in the base of the incandescent lamp, its lamp is also two, one is spiral, one is U Shaped. Finally, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of LED bulbs and energy-saving lamps. LED bulbs is a more environmentally friendly light bulbs, it does not exist in the body of any toxic and harmful metal elements, so if it is damaged, we can still be recycled, but also for the environment will not cause too much pollution, more environmentally friendly; LED Bulbs are also relatively durable, and its long life, in theory, people judge this light bulb can be used for more than a decade, can be said that the world invincible products, and because the chip is wrapped in epoxy resin, so It is not easy to be damaged; LED bulbs can send three primary colors - red, green and blue, and on this basis, it can also change a variety of other colors, to send more brilliant colors, more in line with people's needs. However, the price of LED bulbs in the current is still relatively high, so the choice of LED bulb consumers is not particularly large, it has not been used by ordinary families, but I believe that with its development, it will be able to advantage to get people More recognized. And energy-saving lamps are also advantages, such as its relatively small size, its luminous rate is relatively high, more power, and the original incandescent lamp compared to its life is still relatively long, seven times the incandescent, of course It is compared to the LED bulb, the environmental aspects is not particularly good, because it contains mercury such harmful substances, and start also slow some, open it for a moment, people can not immediately see the light, Must wait for some time, and the color of the energy-saving lamp is poor, so in its light to see the object below, may not be able to see the true nature of the object.

   With the purpose of "Quality first, service is paramount" in TG, our strict product quality control system ensures that DesignLights Consortium,347VHigh Bay and other products of high quality and stability. We have a first-class laboratory equipment and a highly experienced profess


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