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   Royal Kay Performance Equipment was founded in 10 years ago, After a period of rapid development, it has developed into a considerable size and effectiveness company of event tent factoryandtentx1ae29c6n, NOw it is benchmark companies in Industry and agriculture,Business services industry.

   Royal Kay Performance Equipment have Honest and reliable event tent factory,Optimal Aluminum Stage Truss System,Crowd control barrier Supplier the measures,Superior quality Cable protector Manufacturers,Brand new Portable stage supplier,Aluminum Stage Truss System the service and quality and other areas of expertise, combined with excellent service capabilities, To provide customers with professional, customized CROWD CONTROL BARRIER. Moreover, since the establishment of a long time ago,the CROWD BARRIERbusiness of Royal Kay Performance Equipmen has always maintained a high-speed and stable growth. details: The Crowd Control Barrier is a lightweight crowd control system made of aluminium. The Barrier has a self-weight of only 33 kgs per 1m section. The smooth round top bar and the bottom bar incorporate a stainless steel slot pin that provides easy connection points for the Barriers.The Crowd Control Barrier has five locking points to make sure the system is stronger and safety enough for all events.All profiles have soft, rounded edges for maximum comfort.  The Barrier folds flat after use and can be stacked in dollies for easy transportation and storage. Apart from the standard 1 m sections, the Crowd Barrier can be delivered featuring several corner types,door types,cable access types.Furthermore,we can deliver the Barrier featuring your own logo upon request. In terms of angle, our Corner Barrier can adjust from 90 to 270 degrees and fits seamlessly with the standard straight barrier. The  Corner Barrier is equipped with a robust heavy duty hinge, which is capable of absorbing all the forces to which the barrier may be subjected. The Corner Barrier can be used as an inside as well as an outside corner. The Cable Access Barriers is a specially designed barrier to accommodate the transit of your cables from the stage to front of house. The special designed gate leaves enough room in width and height for any type of standard cable ramp to pass through the barrier line. The integrated door facilitates access from the stage to front of house for working technicians or security personnel. The Door Barrier is designed to make a passage along the stage barricade for the crowd audience or security personnel to go through.

   Adhering to the "Customer Supreme Forge Ahead" management idea, Royal Kay Performance Equipmen insists on providing the best quality and service of Marble tents supplier,Aluminum Stage Truss System with the "customer first" principle. Wholeheartedly welcome your patronage! Official website address:


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