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   Royal Kay Performance Equipmentlocated in Guangdong Province,Shenzhen City,Luohu district,HUATONG BUILDING NO. 2127 EAST SUNGANG,with elegant environment and convenience.market information delivered smoothly.Royal Kay Performance Equipmen LTD is a specialized Truss Furniture,Layher Scaffolding company.


Royal Kay Performance Equipmen
Product name:Aluminum Truss And Stage System

Product Details:

We designed a complete Truss Stage range in order to meet the market standards in terms of size, load bearing capacity,truss system, modularity and flexibility,which will make your event safety and successful.


Our aluminum truss system is a temporarily mobile structure to cover a stage and provide the possibility of hanging numbers of light fixtures, PA, Led Screens and other fixtures required to make a spectacular show under any given circumstance.


Connection Type:Bolt

Material:Aluminum Alloy 6082-T6

Main Tube:50x3.0mm

Vice Tube:50x2.0mm

Brace Tube:25x2.0mm

We categorizes the roof systems to its shape,type and required stage size,the roof structure will make according to customers' requirements.


We offer different types of stage systems,with perfect stage deck system for stages,fashion show,catwalks,conference,concert.Stages are approved by TUV and available in standard metric and imperial sizes.We have standard size and shape for all the stage,but special size and structure will be available.Tell us what you want,and we can design for you.An extensive range of multi purpose stage decks - a lot of value for your money!


Our stage platforms are made with a high quality reinforced aluminium alloy frame,with the non-slip laminated plywood,for installing your stage with ease.Our stage platforms are rated to handle a 800kg per square meter even load, making it a lightweight, yet extremely robust stage to set up.The unique platform connector system also adds to the strength of the installation by way of an additional bridging system, thus avoiding unnecessary spring and flex in the deck. The legs can easily be locked into position by way of quick release corner clamps for a rapid and trouble free set-up.

Stage deck size:1000x1000mm,1220x1220mm,1000x2000mm,1220x2440mm

Plywood thickness:18mm

Finished Surface:Non-slip,carpet,plexiglass

Weight capacity:800KGS/SQM


The Stage Legs are made with an extruded 50mm aluminium.The adjustable legs come with 100mm adjustable nylon feet to suit uneven ground,as well protect against damaging rubber sports floors or varnished parquetry.Extra fine adjustments can be made to the legs by simply screwing the feet in or out so that all legs sit securely on uneven ground, so maintaining a level stage at all times is effortless. Each leg includes a ruler guide, so you can set up your stage at the perfect height with ease.We can offer different adjustable STAGE legs to cater for any stage height between 30cm to 200cm, as well as fixed height legs ranging from 20cm to 100cm. Customized heights are also available.

Adjustable heights:30-50cm,40-60cm,60-100cm,70-120cm,80-140cm,120-220cm

Fixed height:20cm,30cm,40cm,60cm,80cm,100cm


The Adjustable Height Stair Unit can be easily modified to fit stages that are adjustable in height, and includes a locking mechanism to attached quickly and firmly to simple stage's platforms.

2 Step Risers : Stair step height from 20cm to 30cm

3 Step Risers : Stair step height from 20cm to 30cm

4 Step Risers : Stair step height from 20cm to 30cm

5 Step Risers : Stair step height from 20cm to 30cm

6 Step Risers : Stair step height from 20cm to 30cm

Guardrails are also Available for our steps


The stage skirt is made with attractive flame retardant fabric, which attaches to the stage extrusion by way of velcro clips.Add stage skirting to your stage for a clean, polished look. Skirting is typically the first choice for dressing up a performance stage and provides a classic appearance.The skirting is easily removable and storable, making for a quick and easy set-up of a portable performance stage. Skirt clips can either be removed or simply left in place when platforms are stored. All skirting is made custom and specific to each performance stage.Skirting is available in both fixed and adjustable heights.


Installing guardrail on the simple stage is easy... by removing the plastic plug in the corner of the platform, insert the guardrail mount into the platform, and then slide the guardrail on to the mount, and use the guard rail clamps to connect rails together for added strength.


The aluminm cart is a high-capacity cart that can carry up to 10 platforms as ratchet straps hold them in place. Additionally, the push bar is able to be detached for faster and easier platform loading.We can design the trolley according to your requirement.


We are one of the best supplier of aluminum truss and stage systems

Full experience on design and production

One stop service from products development to production in bulk

Compare with Global truss,Milos truss and other truss manufacturers,we can provide you the same quality product with lower cost.


Standard carton,bubble,pallet,flight case,aluminum cart

is focused on Good service, strong strength Stage Truss Suppliers, vigas para encofrado de losas layher scaffolding sales, Good service, good aftermarket Cable ramp Manufacturer, Led Screen Steel Structure the difference and other projects. even though in the rapid development of the project ,Royal Kay Performance Equipmen always stressed the balance between external opportunities and internal management, attaches great importance to the core competitiveness of enterprises to cultivate and shape. Our company take the value of customer service as the core competitiveness of enterprises, adhering to the honesty and integrity , the pursuit of excellence, respect individual for the corporate spirit, and strive to provide customers with integrity and reliable Aluminum Truss And Stage Syste.

   Royal Kay Performance Equipmenadheres to advance with the times and advocates to the service-oriented,faith-based, people-oriented management idea. With a belief of customer first to forge ahead , company insists on providing our clients with satisfying and best service ofpipe and drape Manufacturerx1ae29c6n,Cable Ramp,


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