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Amikon Limited, a leading global supplier of control system components(module and spare parts) in China.

   Here I’m looking for a win-win cooperation.


  Benefits for you:

1.World-renowned brands:


1. Even discontinued ones, AB 1785/1771 and so on;

3.High Quality;

4.Sweet Price;

5.Large In Stock


Some of our advantage products:
Invensys Foxboro:I/A Series system,FBM(input / output modules) Sequence control, ladder logic control , Recalling accident treatment, The digital-to-analog converter input / output signal processing, Data communication and processing and so on.

Invensys Triconex: Redundancy fault tolerant control system, Based on the three module redundancy (TMR) structure of the most modern fault-tolerant controller.

Westinghouse:OVATIONN system,WDPF system,WESStation system card.

Schneider Modicon:Quantum 140 Series processor, control card, Power module and so on.

Rockwell:Allen-Bradley:Reliance,SLC500/1747/1746,MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764,compactLogix/1769/1768,Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788,PLC-5/1771/1785 and so on.

ABB: Industrial robot parts of DSQC series,Bailey INFI90and so on.

Siemens:Siemens MOORE,Siemens Simatic C1,Siemensnumerical control system and so on.

Motorola:MVME162,MVME167,MVME1772,MVME177 series.

XYCOM:I/O,VME Plate and processor an so on .

GE FANUC: Module, card, drive various kinds of spare partsand so on .

Yaskawa: Servo controller, servo motor, servo driver and so on .

Bosch Rexroth:Indramat, I/O module, PLC controller, drive module.

Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK15 digital controller. 



Hot Selling:Bently 3500 / 22M frame interface module with TDI
Bently 3500/25 keypad module
Bired 3500/32 4-channel relay module
Bently 3500/33 16-channel relay module
Bently 3500/34 TMR relay module
Bently 3500 / 40M Proximitor Displacement Monitor
Bently 3500 / 42M displacement / speed acceleration monitoring
Bently 3500 / 44M aerodynamic monitors
Bently 3500/45 differential expansion / axial position monitor
Bently 3500 / 46M hydropower monitor
Bently 3500/50 Rotating speed module
Bently 3500/53 overspeed detection module
Bently 3500/60 and 3500/61 temperature monitor
Bunction 3500/62 process variable monitor
Bently 3500 / 64M dynamic pressure monitor
Bently 3500 / 72M piston rod position monitor
Bently 3500 / 77M cylinder pressure monitor
Bently 3500/90 communication gateway
Bently 3500/92 communication gateway
Bently 3500/93 standalone display
Bently 3500/93 LCD display device
Bently 3500/94 VGA display device
Bently 3500/95 user interface workstations
3500/22M 146031-01 Bently Nevada
3500/25 125800-01 Bently Nevada
3500/15 125840-01 Bently Nevada
3500/92 136180-01 Bently Nevada
3500/60 163179-01 Bently Nevada
3500/42M 176449-02 Bently Nevada
3500/33 149992-01 Bently Nevada
3500/53 133396-01 Bently Nevada
3500/20 125760-01 Bently Nevada
3500/45 135137-01 Bently Nevada
3500/93 135813-01 Bently Nevada
3500/32 125720-01 Bently Nevada
3500/20 125760-01 Bently Nevada
3500/62 Bently NevadaBOSCH Pressure Reducing Valve regulater 0811101203 315 BAR

RELIANCE ELECTRIC Power Module Interface 57408 57408-C

SUMITOMO CNHJ-6100Y-21 CNJ6100Y21 21:1 RATIO 2.59HP

Reliance Brushless AC Servo Drive HR200/BLA-08 HR200

Dodge Tigear 2 Gear Box Speed Reducer 13Q10L56 Ratio 10:1 .85hp

Dodge Tigear 2 Gear Box Speed Reducer 13Q20L56 Ratio 20:1 .53hp

MICRO MEMORY CARD 42-07900-02 MM6704-CN-4MEG 40-07900-00

TOLOMATIC 02770000




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