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   Fuel Filterandoil filtration unitof Henan Uters International CO.,LTDis favored by the majority of customers love, We have established long-term cooperation with many partner, Lubricating oil filter,oil filter elementfrom UTERSmeet the needs of our customers. UTERSstrength,abide by contract, keep faith, take quality and credit of contract,obtained the customer trust and praise.


Henan Uters International CO.,LTD has been devoted to study the needs of HQFILTRATION industrial customers, ant tailored to customers demand and solutions. The advantage of UTERS lies not only in the industry-leading technology and the elite professional team, but also to provide excellent services in Filter,leach,Oil filter car,and the enthusiasm of positive innovation and faith of respect promise . Become a customer trusted First-rate industry metal filter integrated service providers, to help customers realize the business value of FILTERS, is UTERS unswerving mission and pursuit. Details: Hydraulic filter technical requirementsHydraulic filter technical requirements: (1) The filter material should have a certain mechanical strength, to ensure that under certain working pressure will not be the role of hydraulic pressure and destroyed. (2) at a certain operating temperature, should maintain stable performance; sufficient durability. (3) Good corrosion resistance. (4) structure as simple as possible, compact size. (5) easy to clean and maintain, easy to replace the filter. (6) low cost. Hydraulic filter works: As shown, the working principle of the filter diagram Hydraulic oil from the left into the pipeline to the filter, from the outer filter to the inner core, and then from theWhen the external filter plugged, the pressure increases, reaching the relief valve opening pressure, the oil flow from the relief valve to the core, and then out from the outlet, the outer filter than the inner filter of high precision, the inner filter belongs to Rough filtration. Hydraulic filter experimental method: At present, the countries in the world have generally adopted the international standard ISO4572 assessment "multiple times through the filter performance of hydraulic filter," including the determination of the filter elements, different sizes of filtration ratio (β value) of the pressure difference during the clogging process Features and scale capacity. Several times through the legal analog filter in the hydraulic system in the actual conditions, pollutants continue to invade the system of oil, and continue to be filtered filter, and not to filter out the particles back to the tank, and again through the filter Device. In order to meet the needs of high-precision filter performance evaluation, as well as changes in test dust and automatic particle counter new calibration methods used in recent years, ISO4572 has been modified and improved several times through the test method to adopt a new standard number ISO16889.

   With the purpose of "Quality first, service is paramount" in UTERS, our strict product quality control system ensures that Filter housing,compressed air filterx1dd01f6n and other products of high quality and stability. We have a first-class laboratory equipment and a highly experienced profess


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