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Henan Uters International CO.,LTD is a professional supplier which provides a variety of FILTER ELEMENT, to provide customers withVersatile and efficientFILTER ELEMENT ,COMPRESSOR FILTERand FILTER ELEMENT and so on. Since the company had been established in North Third Ring Road,City area,Zhengzhou City,Henan Province,China, adhere to people-oriented ,and the quality of survival, to the credibility of development,our company have made an outstanding achievement.

   The advantage of UTERSoil filter elementx1dd01f6nis that it can provide more professional and thoughtful solutions timely and accurately according to the actual needs of customers.At the same time, Our company follow the latest developments on Industry and agriculture,Manufacturing,Mechanical hardware processing, and establish long and steady partnership relation with many well-known enterprises in the same industry , to provide customers with the most professional, advanced Gas separation filter.Details:Sinter filterThe filter of the general oxygen making machine can only filter the larger dust particles. User maintenance at home, need to replace the filter cotton, generally about 3 months, will find the filter dirty, if careful observation of the intake pipe, you will find a layer of dust pipe wall, use a napkin to scrub, found that dust into powder, very fine, that the general filter of dust filter is not filtered good effect. In the process of work, found many oxygen machine manufacturers filter, the effective filtration area is small, 3-5cm -, thick accumulation of dust, blocked the inlet channel, causing oxygen concentration decrease, not the effects of oxygen therapy. Today (March 10th), to north earth 27 building maintenance machine, the machine used 7 years, the concentration of 61, the replacement of molecular sieve, after debugging, the concentration of about 90, completed. The user said, the neighbor has one, not your company machine, the elderly lung has a disease, long-term oxygen, hope to help the measurement of oxygen concentration. The user took me into the neighborhood, is the oxygen flow rate of 1 litres, found the old man panting is thick, pale purple, purple hands, using oximetry test, the old pulse 103, 80 oxygen; oxygen oxygen concentration meter, about 55, asking the machine from the purchase date, more than 1 years, did not change the filter. Then unscrew the screws, remove the filter, dust, serious blockage, replacement, oxygen concentration, flow rate of about 86, 2.5 liters of oxygen for 15 minutes, with 95 pulse oximetry test, the elderly, oxygen 93, speak smoothly. Conclusion, the design of effective filtration area is small, and it is not clean in time, which causes the decrease of the concentration and the decrease of the curative effect. performance This product has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, easy regeneration filter to ensure accuracy, excellent performance; titanium filter is made of titanium powder after forming, high sintering temperature, the particle surface is not easy to fall off; in the air using temperature can reach 500 to 600 DEG C; applicable to all kinds of corrosive media. For example: filtration, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, water, iron, copper, and aqua regia sodium chloride solution filter. It has excellent mechanical properties, and can be machined for cutting and welding. The compressive strength is high, the internal pressure failure strength is up to 2MPa, and its filtering accuracy is guaranteed. Even under high temperature and high pressure, the pore size will not deform. The porosity can be up to 35 to 45%, the pore size distribution is uniform, the amount of pollution is large, and the regeneration method is simple and reusable after regeneration. Application aspect 1., it is applied to liquid solid and gas-solid separation fluid solid separation: electronic industry, pre filtration of RO system, pre filtration of deionized water system, food industry: filtration of beverage, brewing liquor, mineral water and so on. Petrochemical Industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products, filtration of carbon and alkali liquids, recovery and filtration of organic solutions of alcohol, filtration of heavy oil and gas oil, monitoring of hydrogen cracking and circulating oil filtration. Environmental protection and sewage treatment: Pharmaceutical Industry: large infusion, needles, decarburization and filtration of no salt water, desalination of seawater. Gas - solid separation of impurities in the air of various air compressor oil filter; beer, pharmaceutical, brewing industry in sterile air filtration; high pressure air filtration and aviation transportation industry; mixed with chemical fiber in gas purification; dry dust removing acid gas in the pharmaceutical industry; industrial oil gas filtration and catalytic gas filtration; low temperature gas oil and gas dust environmental protection industry; 2. application of filtration process in petrochemical industry: used in copper, ester, amine production process for recovery of catalyst, solution refining recovery, finished refining. It is used for the recovery of the catalyst, such as ethylene glycol and phthalic anhydride, and the products are refined. The filtration and purification of the two methyl benzoate process and the removal of activated carbon particles, etc., are used in the process of purification and removal of the activated carbon particles. 3. the application of fine chemical filtration process: in the synthesis of vitamin A, E and other pharmaceutical intermediates in the process of recycling noble metal catalysts.

   UTERS always adheres to the corporate purpose: and advancing with the times,make progress together with5-10 people people, and go hand in hand to get innovation and a win-win situation. To get more information about FILTER ELEMENT,FILTERATION, you can log in and look through UTERS official


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