is equivalent to Ethancure100 and , DETDA is a very effective method of polyurethane elastomer chain extender,is a kind of steric aromatic diamine chain extender, a low-viscosity, non-toxic, odorless liquid. In PU, it can enhance the product's strength and hydrolysis resistance, which enhances the production efficiency and makes the industrialization of complex PU products impossible. Quick reaction speed of DETDA and isocyanate is particularly applied to solvent-free, fast-curing coating.

is a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing cross-linking agent, in whichthere are two main types ofisomers of 2, 4 - and 2, 6 - dimethyl mixture of s-basedtoluene diamine (ratio of about 77 ~ 80/17 ~ 20), comparedwith the commonly usedMOCA, room temperature is low viscosity liquid, can be suitable for low temperatureoperation,lower chemical use equivalent.


Product Name



Analysis Item

Standard value

Standard value


Light yellow liquid

Yellow oily liquid




Color Value

≤8 (Gardner color scale)

≤8 (Gardner color scale)

TDA Assay



Water content



Amine Value (mgKOH/g)




PPolyurea coating,RIM PU system and PU (urea) elastomer coating system.RIM (reaction injection moulding) PU elastomer, SPUA (sprayed polyurea elastomer) and adhesive agent.

PU coating, epoxy resin, and alkyd resin curing agent

lubricant and pesticide,dye intermediate,plastic,rubber,oilantioxygen,and chemical synthetic intermediate,automobile,building,coal mine etc.

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