Friction Reducer

SINOFLOCis offering a broad range of leading-class friction reducer to our customers from fresh water to heavy brines. Our High Viscosity Friction Reducerproduct range includes anionic polyacrylamide powder, anionic polyacrylamide emulsion and cationic polyacrylamide powder, which have been approved excellent performance in the conditions with high TDS levels and API brine.

SINOFLOC High Brine HVFR characters:
Excellent performance in friction reduction.
More economical price and lower loading.
Faster disperse and hydrate.
Customized friction reducer .

SINOFLOC offers a range of friction reducer oilfield suitable for various conditions from fresh water to light brines, medium brines, high brines which show good evaluating results in customer’s friction reducer flow loop testing.

SINOFLOC drag reducer is added to unconventional fracturing fluids in the friction loop to reduce pipe friction, allowing for higher injection rates in a stimulation treatment. Our products could be used in freshwater and low PH water which could save customers energy consumption effectively.

SINOFLOC has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of water-soluble polymers in China. We offer pipe on pipe friction reducer, anionic vs cationic friction reducer, reducer chemical, cationic polymer polydadmac,

oilfield chemicals, etc. Contact us to know more.


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